7 Wedding Mishaps You Don't Want to Happen ...

You've pictured out your dream wedding. You know exactly what your wedding dress will look like and how tall your wedding cake should be. Everything is on schedule. Or so you thought... We're listing down seven wedding mishaps experienced by real women, which you don't want to happen on your big day:

1. Wedding Gown Gone Wrong

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Shanna was beaming. She was all glammed up for her big day. But an hour before her wedding, her most precious white gown hadn't arrived in her dressing room. She kept on calling her designer, but the calls were left unanswered. Finally, after long agonizing minutes, the gown arrived but... alas! It didn't fit! Shanna was devastated. The lessons she learned? Get to know your designer very well. And... never opt for the cheapest service because it might give you a nightmare of a wedding.

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