Harry Potter Themed Wedding Cakes for the Nerd in You ...

By Jennifer

Harry Potter Themed Wedding Cakes for the Nerd in You ...

We all love The Boy Who Lived... and you've fallen in love with The One, so why not celebrate your marriage with a wedding cake that's more magical than anything even Dumbledore could have whipped up? Here are a few spectacular Harry Potter-themed wedding cakes you'll adore... accio cake knife!

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1 Tier by Tier

bride, flower, toy, Made by Julia, who's obviously a witch, this tiered Potter cake is just magical, and is guaranteed to give you feels. Dobby! Hedwig! It's totes okay to cry on your wedding day, by the way.

2 Alexa & Kris

flower, Alexa, and, Kris, 8.1.2015, I don't know which is cuter, the little cake topper, or the little stack of Hogwarts text books.

3 Doe & Stag

Harry Potter, wedding cake, food, cake, dessert, This cake is so sweet (pun intended)! I love the little Patronus silhouettes.

4 That Topper

dish, food, meal, breakfast, dessert, What if you don't want to be too obviously a Potter fan? Then a subtle nod to the series in the form of a magical cake topper will work beautifully.

5 The Houses

Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, food, This could be a cake for any occasion, really. Fifty points to whichever house this baker is from.

6 So Beautiful

white, product, wedding cake, furniture, infant bed, Okay, now I'm going to cry. This is just so gorgeous! It's hands-down my favorite on this entire list.

7 Tim Burton?

food, cake, dessert, birthday cake, cake decorating, This looks like what a Potter cake would be if Tim Burton baked it.

8 The Sorting Hat

food, statue, art, wood, carving, If that's not chocolate frosting, I'm going to be very disappointed.

9 So Simple!

cup, food, coffee cup, dessert, wedding cake, This cake is so simple and elegant! I love the color scheme... we'll call this color "Golden Snitch Glimmer."

10 Mischief Managed

wedding cake, cake, food, cake decorating, buttercream, I love that this couple incorporated such a fun part of the series into their cake: the Marauder's Map!

11 This Cake Though

painting, still life, iouinKY, WEDDING, FAIR, It's hard to tell where this amazing cake ends, and the props begin. OMG. There's so much going on here!

12 Always

wedding cake, cake decorating, cake, food, buttercream, I mean, really. Again, it's perfectly acceptable to cry at a wedding, especially when something romantic and sweet and tragic comes up.

13 Hannah & David

wedding cake, yellow, food, cake, cake decorating, This couple has the right idea: The Deathly Hallows, Golden Snitch, and Marauder's Map details, and a color scheme made for fall(ing in love).

14 Again!

food, dessert, cake, wedding cake, BRIDE, Okay, you have got to stop with this quote! I mean why does a cake evoke such strong feels?

15 All the Nerdy Things

cake, dessert, food, cupcake, birthday cake, Maybe you're a fan of more than just Harry Potter... so go with cupcakes, like these! No Face alongside Harry Potter. Swoon!

16 Mr. & Mrs. Bean

food, cake, wedding cake, dessert, birthday cake, I don't know who they are, but these two have great taste in books, movies, and cakes.

17 In Action

ceremony, wedding, meal, NOCINO, This is what a super-tall, Hagrid-sized wedding cake looks like in action... impressively gorgeous!

Which of these wedding cakes will get you down the aisle with your fellow Potterhead?

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