23 Rustic Wedding Cakes to Complement Your Theme ...

Now that you have started planning your rustic wedding theme with details of mason jars, birch wood, and a barn reception, you'll want to think about the design of your rustic wedding cake and how it will complement your theme. If you are planning a fall wedding, pumpkins and leaves will look perfect or perhaps pine cones and greens for a winter wedding. No matter the season, choose one of these 23 Rustic Wedding Cakes to Complement Your Theme and impress your guests...

1. Rustic Tree Wedding Cake

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Just because you are planning a rustic wedding theme doesn't mean you have to be in the backwoods or in a barn, this amazing tree bark wedding cake belonged to a couple who were married right outside downtown Seattle at a cool rustic, urban venue called Sodo Park. Their rustic wedding cake helped to pull together and complement their rustic theme by bringing the outdoors inside to a re-purposed factory in the city.

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