25 Naked Cakes to Inspire Your Future Wedding Cake ...

By Teresa

25 Naked Cakes  to Inspire Your Future Wedding  Cake ...

Naked cakes are definitely the new trend when it comes to wedding cakes! If you're looking for inspiration when it comes to your own wedding cake, these naked wedding cakes are sure to inspire you as you pick out the perfect cake for your wedding day!

1 Barely Naked Cake

Source: Jewel Toned Autumn Wedding Inspiration
This cake is almost frosted, but just enough that it still looks like a naked cake!

2 Powdered Sugar and Flowers

Source: Bohemian Forest Themed Wedding Ideas
I love the contrast of the red berries and the purple flowers.

3 Pinks and Reds

Source: Rustic Vintage Prettiness In Stow
The red-tones in this cake are absolutely stunning!

4 Lavender and Herbs

Source: Prettiest Naked Wedding Cakes You
The sprigs and jelly look so pretty paired together.

5 Overflow

Source: Jenny Packham’s Eden For A
The overflow of flowers, fruit, and hearts is just so pretty!

6 Dusted Naked Cake

Source: Romantic, Bohemian Inspiration Shoot at
The way this is frosted is perfect for a rustic wedding!

7 Topsy Turvy Cake

Source: These Wedding Cakes are Incredibly
Go even more unique with this topsy turvy naked cake!

8 Lavender and Wheat

Source: Rustic Lush Lavender Wedding
Skip the traditional flowers and go for lavender and wheat to top your cake!

9 Chocolate Naked Cake

Source: ruffledblog.com
It's not everyday that you see a chocolate naked cake!

10 Big and Floral

Source: naked wedding cake rustic cake
This huge cake is so pretty with all of the flowers decorating it!

11 Nearly Naked Cake

Source: Arizona Mountain Ranch Landscape Inspired
This frosting makes the cake look traditional yet almost naked!

12 Naked Red Velvet Cake

Source: Naked Wedding Cakes are becoming
Red velvet cake is such a good wedding cake choice, and I love how it looks as a naked cake!

13 Multi-Flavor Naked Cake

Source: 10 Chic Naked Wedding Cakes
Give your guests a choice with a multi-flavor naked cake!

14 Floral Cake

Source: Now Trending Naked Wedding Cakes
This cake looks like it's a traditional cake save for the naked style! The flowers make it look so traditional!

15 Name Cake Topper

Source: The Cream Event LA 2014
This name cake topper adds such a great touch to this rustic naked cake!

16 Minimalist Cake

Source: Photo by Jemma Keech Photography
I'm obsessed with this minimalist design!

17 Powdered Sugar

Source: Home
The powdered sugar adds the cutest rustic touch!

18 Red Velvet Naked Cake

Source: Fall Texas Wedding by Kristen
This red velvet naked cake is frosted just enough to tone down the red a little bit!

19 Flowers and Berries

Source: etsy.me
The flowers and berries make this cake seem like it came right from the wilderness!

20 Ivy Cake

Source: Top 10 Wedding Cake Trends
If you're going to decorate your cake like this, make sure the ivy isn't poisonous!

21 Natural Colors

Source: Tulle Perfection: Annie + Julius
I love how the dripping jelly makes it seem so homemade yet chic!

22 Berries and Peonies

Source: Laid-back Irish Family Wedding Bridal
Isn't the plethora of berries and peonies so pretty? I love it!

23 Pink Tones

Source: sugareuphoria.com
The pink tones in this cake are absolutely gorgeous!

24 Simple Naked Cake

Source: Delicious Wedding Trend: Chocolate Naked
The simplicity of this cake is stunning!

25 Two Doves

Source: Naked wedding cake
Top your wedding cake with doves for a pretty and natural look!

What's your favorite naked wedding cake? Let me know in the comments!

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