10 Amazing Ombre Wedding Cakes ...


10 Amazing Ombre Wedding Cakes ...
10 Amazing Ombre Wedding Cakes ...

Along with being trendy, ombre wedding cakes are the perfect way to show off your color scheme and add an unexpected twist to your reception décor. Looking for a few ways to make this hot trend a part of your own celebration? Here are 10 ombre wedding cakes I especially love and hope you will, too.

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Tropical Sunset

Tropical Sunset With its combination of bright and subtle shades of pink, orange and yellow, this is by far one my favorite ombre wedding cakes. Its colors remind me of a tropical sunset, while the floral touches also evoke a sweet, romantic vibe. What do you think of when you look at this cake?


Pretty Pastels

Pretty Pastels Pastel shades are a popular choice for everything from nail polish to shoes this year, so why not get in on the trend with an ombe cake in pastel colors? I don’t know about you, but I think the whimsical combination of mint, pink, orange and white looks almost too pretty to eat!


Glamorous Pink

Glamorous Pink With colors ranging from hot-to-pastel pink, this gorgeous cake is just perfect for the bride who’s planning a decadent, glamorous affair. Plus, as if the colors alone weren’t already amazing enough, the different sized tiers and dramatic bursts of flowers make this dazzling confection all the more glitzy.


Purple Romance

Purple Romance Looking for a cake that’s romantic yet simple? I love the layered design of this ombre cake in purple, along with its non-fussy vibe. Do you like it, too, but think you’ll need a larger cake to accommodate all of your guests? Rather than ordering a traditional tiered cake, you can also consider ordering several smaller cakes like this one in different shades that complement your color scheme.


Trendy Mint

Trendy Mint Mint is one of the year’s hottest wedding colors, and there’s no better way to carry the trend throughout your entire day than by showcasing a gorgeous ombre cake. As you can see, with a cake this pretty, a single mint-colored flower is all you need to complete the look.


Bright & Bold

Bright & Bold Think ombre designs have to fade from bright to subtle shades? Think again! Bring a huge simile to everyone’s face with a punchy combination of colors that can easily be tailored to add a bold touch to any color scheme.


Sandy Neutrals

Sandy Neutrals Who says beach wedding cakes have to feature nautical blues? This unique ombre color scheme of sandy brown, beige and white is just right for a sea-themed cake that’s chic, not cheesy.


Playful Ruffles

Playful Ruffles Give your cake a playful look with this unique ombre design that’s anything but ordinary. The messy ruffles remind me a bit of ribbon candy, while the pastel color scheme is also soft yet undoubtedly eye-catching.


Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers From the bold shades of red to the romantic array of flower petals, I love everything about this creative cake, which strikes me as being perfect for a Valentine’s Day wedding. Which of the shades seen here is your favorite?


Modern Dots

Modern Dots Finally, this cake’s modern ombre dot design is the epitome of cool. Find it a bit too over-the-top for your liking? A polka dot design showcasing smaller, less dramatic dots would also work just as well.

What do you think of ombre wedding cakes? Is this a trend you’d love to show off at your own reception?

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These cakes are so pretty. Makes u don't wanna eat it. Lol

Can I just have all of them please lol

What a gorgeous idea!! These cakes are stunning!!

I really love these cakes. Wish that I was so creative!! I want them all for my wedding!

The trendy mint and glamourous pink are to die for !

I love them all. Some are too pretty to eat.

that would be so cute. my wedding is gonna be white with a teal accent color, like bridesmaids dresses and everything. with that teal cakkeee! (:


Really like the mint one and the ruffle cake but it must be a lot of icing ...

I love number 9 so sweet - wish this trend was popular 3.5 yrs ago when I was married haha

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