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8 Gorgeous Wedding Veils ...

By Sophia

The wedding dress is one of the most important parts of a wedding. However, many modern brides view wedding veils as optional parts of their outfits. I think that a veil is a wonderful way to instil a bit of tradition into an outfit. If you are a bride to be, below are just a few gorgeous wedding veils for you to consider.

1 Fingertip Mantilla Veil with Chantilly Lace

Fingertip Mantilla Veil with Chantilly LacePrice: $55.00 at
This is a beautiful, antique looking veil. It is made from natural lace and is 36 inches long with a 3 inch Chantilly lace edge. The veil is attached to a metal comb which can then be placed in the hair. This elbow length veil would make a beautiful addition to any bridal outfit.

2 Pearl Edge Veil

Pearl Edge VeilPrice: $45.00 at
This is a simple yet sophisticated veil design. This elbow length veil features a pearl-lined edge and a metal comb attachment. I think that the addition of the pearls is such a wonderful design feature. This veil is simple enough to accompany a range of dresses, yet still very striking in its own right.

3 Scallop Alencon Lace Edge Veil

Scallop Alencon Lace Edge VeilPrice: $55.00 at
This is another wonderful antique-style veil. It is 25 inches long and 54 inches wide. The veil is edged with Alencon lace and is attached to a metal comb. The scallop edge design is my favourite feature, and I think it really sets it apart.

4 Angel Cut Ribbon Edge Veil

Angel Cut Ribbon Edge VeilPrice: $70.00 at
This is a beautiful fingertip length veil. The veil features a double silk satin ribbon edge. It is an angel cut design and features a metal comb for easy attachment. It’s terribly stylish and would suit a bride wanting to add a sophisticated touch to her outfit.

5 Cathedral Veil with Raw Cut Edge

Cathedral Veil with Raw Cut EdgePrice: $59.99 at
This veil is definitely for the traditionalist. This cathedral length veil is 120 inches long and features an unfinished edge with no embellishments. It will definitely add a touch of drama to a bridal outfit. It’s stunning in its simplicity.

6 Ribbon Edged Veil with Swarovski Crystals

Ribbon Edged Veil with Swarovski CrystalsPrice: $110.00 at
This veil is one for brides who really want to shine! It’s a standard elbow length veil with a satin ribbon edge. What I really love about this veil is the addition of Swarovski crystals scattered throughout the veil. You can also choose from three different size crystals. Perfect!

7 Two Tier Pencil Edge Veil

Two Tier Pencil Edge VeilPrice: $75.00 at
This veil has such a classic design. The top tier of the veil measures 30 inches in length while the bottom tier is 36 inches. It features a serged pencil edge and a metal comb attachment. This one is for the classically beautiful bride!

8 Cascade Cut with Seed Beaded Edge Veil

Cascade Cut with Seed Beaded Edge VeilPrice: $85.00 at
Sleek and stylish. That’s how I’d describe this veil. This elbow length veil is made from tulle and is a two-tier, cascade cut design. It also features a gorgeous seed beaded edge which just adds that finishing touch.

What is your take on the wedding veil? Which of these are your favourites?

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