8 Wedding Attire Must-Haves ...


8 Wedding Attire Must-Haves ...
8 Wedding Attire Must-Haves ...

Every bride, or in my case a bride-to-be, has her own take on the way a list of wedding attire must-haves is supposed to look like. It has a lot to do with style, personal preferences and traditions so do take this post as a personal opinion that might give you some new ideas to think about. Now, I won’t mention the wedding dress as that’s kind of obvious but I’m going to give you some of my ideas on how to accessorize your dress, experiment with the traditional concept of wedding attire and combine interesting pieces to create a memorable, flawless look for yourself and your party.

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Gorgeous Shoes

Okay, I’m a shoe-freak so you can imagine how important role shoes play in all my wedding fictions. It might be a Cinderella syndrome or a Carrie Bradshaw syndrome but I really believe wedding shoes should be over-the-top. I’d be prepared to go all out for a pair of Louboutins, although I’m strongly against the so called “shoe-waste” so regardless how pricy or affordable the pair in question is, I’d want to be sure they can be worn after the big day.



Forget something old, new or blue and get something eye-catching, something that is going to make your choice of wedding attire different and unique. It can be an interesting hairpiece, a wrap or anything you think matches your style or wedding theme. I haven’t seen a lot of brides wearing these but, those few, brave ones I’ve managed to see looked totally fabulous! Give it some thought.


Sexy Lingerie

White, black, pink or red – sexy, first-wedding-night set is a part of your wedding attire, regardless of the fact that you won’t be wearing it during the actual wedding. Your girls will probably take care of this for you but, if you’re that’s supposed to decide on whether to spend cash on it or use the one you already have, I’d definitely say, “Go for it, girl!” The lingerie set you’ll use to “tickle his eyeballs” during your first night as husband and wife must be special, brand new and totally hot! You want your marriage to start with flames and fireworks, now – don’t you?


Stunning Jewelry

A gorgeous over-the-top necklace, a tiara, vintage pearls, shiny diamond earrings or even a bridal bouquet made using Swarovski elements combined to look like flowers – There are so many jewelry choices and each and every one of them is worth considering. I’m one of those people who love jewelry but often forget to wear it so, if this sounds like you too, I’d suggest making an exception for your big day. This especially goes for brides that will be opting for wedding attire that’s low key and not so shiny.


The “Link”

If you’ve chosen to have bridesmaids and groomsmen, you must make sure all of their wedding attires are a perfect match. That, of course, doesn’t mean you must all wear the same colors or styles, all you need is a “link” – an accessory, color or cut that will bring harmony to your wedding party. I honestly think this is a must have, or rather a must do, for everyone looking to have a by-the-book ceremony. No, I’m not suggesting you should copy-paste your bridesmaids or your groomsmen as harmony and balance can be found in diversities too. And I’ll even give you an example – Carrie and Big’s “Sex and The City” wedding! All of Carrie’s bridesmaids wore a different dress, that’s true, but all three dresses were long and had almost identical ruffled details.


Fabulous Bouquet

Girl, I’ve seen some ugly bouquets and I really can’t tell what was going through the minds of those brides when they were buying them! Your bridal bouquet is a part of your wedding attire and, as such, deserves just as much attention as all other pieces. Yup, I know you won’t get to take it home with you but you’ll be making your big entrance carrying it in your hands so don’t let it look plain. You don’t have to pick roses or orchids – when arranged properly wild flowers can look just as beautiful and even do wonders at accenting your soft, romantic side!


Fake Eyelashes

Yup, I’m actually suggesting these! You know how tricky that “unnaturally natural” bridal look can be so, if you can’t use sexy those, black smoky eyes and tons of mascara, do the next best thing and fake those dreamy, mile long eyelashes. I’ll definitely use them!


Appropriate Underwear

Well this is a definite must have and something a lot of brides I know don’t consider very important. Well, I think having a special bra that will both keep your girls on place and looking good is very important. Shaper isn’t a silly, totally unneeded item either as it will make sure your underwear doesn’t show through as well as give you that flawless celebrity-perfect shape you’ll need to look stunning in your formfitting mermaid style dress.

But which ones would be your wedding attire must-haves? I’d say finding the right dress is just a tip of the ice berg – accessories, different modern or traditional, white or colorful pieces of wedding attire are what makes the picture perfect.

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Great post - a lovely dress and hot soes will get you far :)

Wonderful tips, Diana! I've tried fake eyelashes before (not for wedding, but for fun). I think it is a great idea for a wedding though. I think having some long eyelashes can help boost confidence, especially on the big day.

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