7 Colors to Wear if You're Not the Bride ...


7 Colors to Wear if You're Not the Bride ...
7 Colors to Wear if You're Not the Bride ...

Some say only bride is allowed to wear white while others claim guests should refrain from wearing black because that’s the most popular color for “funeral” attire. What to wear? What to do? Yup, getting all confused and stressed with what colors to wear if you’re not the bride is totally normal- I’ve been there myself more times than I care to remember. Now, being 20, 30 or even 40 leaves you with plenty of options but, what happens if you’re over 40 and not willing to experiment with colors you’re not used to? Well, stick around because I’m about to suggest 7 colors to wear if you’re not the bride:

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This elegant, refined shade of green looks great on ladies all ages so definitely have it mind when shopping for wedding attire. You won’t have to buy new shoes or bag because it goes great with black or even red. Don’t buy green shoes even if you manage to find the right shade because you’ll risk looking too green.


Royal Blue

This wonderful shade of blue is definitely one of the best colors to wear if you’re not the bride. The name says it all – royal blue! And looking like a queen or princess is definitely something you could be proud of. Pick elegant materials and, if you dress is simple, add massive silver or gold-tone jewelry.



Ivory, cream, beige or other off-white shades are a good choice of colors to wear if you’re not the bride. It’s a risky choice, though, especially if you don’t know the bride well and you’re not sure what color did she choose for her wedding dress. I, personally, think the ban on white is silly because no guest could or would want to outshine the bride but hey… if the dress code says no white, pick the most off-white color you can find. Most brides choose ivory, snow white or champagne so, if you have reasons to believe the bride might get mad at you because of your dress choice, add some color with red, blue, green or fuchsia scarf, shoes and bag.



Black is often a no-go because some believe it will bring bad luck to the couple. However, that’s not a reason to get all depressed because black and white prints, as well as all other prints, are completely acceptable. Now, since weddings are, in most cases, very formal and elegant events, you’d want to choose an age and body type- appropriate print. I’ll leave that to you, ladies, as I’m sure you can dress to impress, I’m just here to tell you that prints as well as black and white combos are on the list of things you CAN wear.



Red is definitely on the list of colors to wear if you’re not the bride although you must be very careful, since it’s a very bright color. I’d suggest bright red if you’re 20 and up and cherry if you’re 40 and up. No shiny satin, please, regardless of your age! Pick raw silk and georgette if you want something breezy and flowing or thick, almost non-shiny satin if you want a formfitting dress.



Dark purple can also look very classy and sophisticated and, with this color, you’re allowed to browse for shiny, satiny dresses. I also like purple velvet although velvet dresses aren’t popular anymore so, unless you’re having the outfit custom made, I doubt you’ll manage to find anything. Purple goes great with both silver and gold-tone jewelry, too, so once you choose your outfit, all you have to do to look amazing is accessorize properly.



Silver or gold can look very nice, especially if you have a great figure and manage to choose a material and style that look elegant and not cheap. The bride probably won’t wear these colors, so I guess that’s one thing less to worry about. Good luck and have fun picking your ideal wedding attire! Do a good job and you’ll definitely be the star of the evening. Now, I’m not sure if the bride would like that but hey, it’s not your fault that you’re gorgeous!

Well, those were my suggestions on what colors to wear if you’re not the bride. But tell me – Have you ever been in the position where you have to attend a wedding of a couple that doesn’t approve of guests wearing white or black?

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I love Royal blue as well. Its a great colour for weddings. Have a fantastic day, sunshine Kisses

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