7 Zany Wedding Traditions from All around the World ...


7 Zany Wedding Traditions from All around the World ...
7 Zany Wedding Traditions from All around the World ...

Wedding Traditions are the best part of the wedding and, although separating the ones that are nice and doable from the ones that are too retro do be done properly nowadays is a long, often tiring process, seeing them all together, executed one by one during the big day is an experience that makes it all worth it. Wedding traditions I’ll choose to have at my wedding probably differ from the wedding traditions you’ll have and, although each and every culture has something symbolic, interesting and meaningful, we must admit that there are some traditions we’d rather skip, if possible! Well, if you really need an idea on what to skip – here are weird 7 traditions to consider!

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Apple Shooting and Sieve Throwing

The first of many unusual wedding traditions originates from my dear homeland, Serbia and, as much as I appreciate our traditions, this is the one I’ll most definitely have to pass. It is a custom for the groom and his family to come to the bride’s house and “take” the bride, but before the groom is allowed to “claim” his soon to be wife and take her to the church where they will be married, he must demonstrate his archery skills by shooting an apple hung on the highest point of the house (usually the roof or the chimney). Once the apple is shot down, the bride can be taken out of her parent’s house but, before she leaves, she will take a flour sieve and throw it (or at least try) over the roof.


“Blackening the Bride” and Feet Washing

In case you’re not a huge fan of wacky wedding traditions and you’re quite happy because you won’t have to shoot fruit or throw kitchenware on your wedding day, you might want to skip Scottish pre-wedding rituals as well. Blackening the Bride certainly isn’t a tradition you’ll enjoy and that's mostly because involves covering the poor girl in pretty much anything smelly you can find lying around the house/barn/fridge. Bridal feet washing, in the other hand, isn’t as dirty or as unpleasant, but, knowing that’s a public event could give your feet a bit of a stage fright!


Log Sawing

Let me take you on a virtual trip to Germany, the home of one very unusual custom whose purpose is to tell whether the bride and groom could use some team building tips in the future. You see, there is one really important thing a bride and groom must do after the church ceremony and if it’s not kissing or throwing the bouquet, the only thing that crossed my mind is good old fashioned log sewing! After all, nothing says “for better or worse” as sweating together, during a wedding day, covered in wood shavings, So, if you love your groom and want to show him that you’ll always be there to help him, set up a massive log right in front of the church entrance (don’t forget to decorate it with some tulle – it is a wedding after all), grab one end of that saw and start sawing! Or don’t… it’s your choice!



Well, if you though Greeks are the only Europeans who enjoy breaking dishes for good luck, it’s time to learn that Germans are not much different either! Their wedding tradition called Polterband actually involves breaking loads and loads of dishes and, once their done breaking stuff, bride and groom are the ones in charge of the clean-up! The sound of dishes being smashed in million pieces should, supposedly scare off poltergeists but you may feel free to incorporate this one into your wedding ceremony even if you’re sure all the poltergeists you know of are busy bothering other folks. Who knows, it might even work for in-laws! LOL!


The Polterabend, as it's correctly known, is a playful prelude to matrimony that typically takes place the night before the wedding. The couple invites friends and family to join in the ceremonial dish destruction, where porcelain and ceramic are the materials of choice—never glass, since it's considered good luck! Armed with old plates and bowls, the participants let loose their inner vandals, all in the name of warding off evil spirits. And as they sweep up the shards together, the soon-to-be-weds demo a bit of team spirit—an auspicious start to a lifetime of tackling challenges side by side.


Steal the Shoe

We’re going to India now, where old wedding traditions are just as challenging, just as dynamic and…just as wacky! While the groom is busy standing at the altar (which is something he must do barefoot, by the way), members of the bride’s family must figure out a way to steal his shoe. But, since snatching an unguarded shoe just isn’t fun, the groom’s family is allowed to get very creative when thinking of ways to protect it. If the bride’s folks manage to get their hands on the shoe, they can “resell” it to the groom after the ceremony for just any price!


Ban on Bathroom

Be glad you’re not living in the Sandakan city, in East Malaysia’s state Sabah because you wouldn’t be able to eat, use the bathroom or go out of the house for three days and three nights after the wedding! Speaking about weird customs – this is plain insane and, believe me, those guys are not kidding. Bride and groom actually have guardians whose job is to make sure they eat and drink enough to stay conscious but not enough to actually need to go to the bathroom! Don’t worry though because you’ll get a nice bath once all this is over and you’ll probably start appreciating your freedom a whole lot more.



Well-known rhyme “If the boat is rocking, don’t come knocking” won’t be of any use in France as one of their wedding traditions, called Chivaree actually involves making as much noise as possible! So, while the newlyweds are trying to enjoy what’s left of their first wedding night, their friends and family gather in front of the house and start setting the mood by banging on pots! Subtle, huh?

Pretty whacked, huh? I certainly won’t be including any one of these wedding traditions in my wedding! How about you? Have you ever been invited to take part in zany wedding traditions and what were they about?

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