7 Wackiest Proposals Ever ...


7 Wackiest Proposals Ever ...
7 Wackiest Proposals Ever ...

He gets down on one knee, hand reaching into the pocket and before you know it, the sparkly stone is on your finger and you’re crying like a baby. Nothing beats the classic. Right? Well, according to some, even proposals could use some thinking outside the box. I can’t blame them. After all, my fiancé didn’t get down on one knee and I wasn’t really “dressed for the occasion” either but it still was one of the most romantic moments of my life. So, are you ready to find out exactly how creative a proposal can get? Well, here are 7 real stories:

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Video Game Proposal

She said, “Yes” and added, “You’re such a dork.” Why? Because the guy hacked into his girl’s favorite game and added a completely new level in order to propose her! As he later said, the plan was to add a level that looks like an original part of the game but also contains some of their own memories. The girl didn’t even know the game was hacked until the proposal with her name appeared on the screen. Awwww, so cute!


Cake Proposal

Ever thought about popping the questions yourself? Sure, a girl can propose to her guy too, although I’d suggest you stay away from the following scenario. You see, a brave girl decided to propose to her boyfriend in very unusual way that involves a huge cake, her dressed up in nothing but lingerie and a restaurant full of people. The guy was shocked, left the restaurant without a word and she was left there, waiting for the waiters to wheel her out of the dining hall. Poor thing!


Bejeweled Proposal

My mom loves this game and I…I just love to watch her move all those shiny, colorful gems around. Well, Mr. Ping has decided to hack this game in order to make sure that, once his future Mrs. Ping reaches a certain score, a nice pink sapphire ring and a proposal appear on the screen. She said yes and got an identical ring too. But, that’s not all, girls! The company that produces the game loved the idea so much that they decided to pay for the wedding!


Umbrella Proposal

Want something sweet, romantic and unusual? How about umbrellas? Sean Palmgren had an idea to propose to his girlfriend Betsy by using umbrellas to spell “Will You Marry Me?” . But, let me tell you exactly how it all happened. You see, the first thing he needed to do is organize his family and friends to help him, then he took Betsy for a long walk in the park and, once they came close to a line of people holding umbrellas over their heads, the 3-2-1 countdown started and they all lowered down the umbrellas, revealing a single letter written on each of them. So, did Betsy say, “Yes”? Well, yes, once she figured out the proposal is for her. Her first reaction was “Oh, somebody is getting engaged!”


Theatrical Proposal

What do you do when you have a lot of money and a girlfriend who enjoys theater? Simple! You pay 10,000 pounds for a play to be staged in your city, assign the leading role to yourself, and propose the girl sitting in the sixth row. You don’t like the idea? Well, Gennady Zaleskiy thought it’s a really good one and, since his girl agreed to marry him, I can’t argue its effectiveness!


Tom Cruise

Now, if you’re not sure you’ll be able to pull it off, you can always ask a celeb to help out. Right? A cameraman Joao Martins figured, “Okay, since I’m filming Tom Cruise today, I might as well use him for something” so he asked the Top Gun star to propose to his girlfriend Sonia. Well, she sure has something in common with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, now! All three of them know how it feels to be proposed by Tom Cruise.


Ad Proposal

Rand had an idea to propose to his girlfriend Geraldine via Super Bowl commercial and he had even started a website to try to raise $2,5 millions to buy ad time during this even. Unfortunately, potential sponsors weren’t so generous and CBS was unwilling to sacrifice profit and let him “get away” with paying only $85,000. Rand didn’t let this temporary setback affect his decision to propose to Geraldine via TV so he did the next best thing – used the money to purchase ad time during her favorite TV show. That’s one commercial break she’ll always remember, that’s for sure!

Would you find any of these unusual proposals romantic or you prefer the traditional way? I like the umbrella proposal, although I would never propose or in any way surprise my fiancé by jumping out of a cake.

Top Photo Credit: alexindigo

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