7 Amazing Marriage Proposals ...


7 Amazing Marriage Proposals ...
7 Amazing Marriage Proposals ...

I am a huge sap when it comes to amazing marriage proposals. I get teary, goosebumps raise up on my arms and I get so happy for the special couple, even if I don’t know them. My husband proposed to me on an island in the shadows of a castle, so I definitely consider myself to be among the lucky girls who get the proposal of their dreams. These seven amazing marriage proposals will touch your heart even if you aren’t a sappy romantic like me, so get those tissues ready!

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Movie Theatre Proposal

This is one of my favorite amazing marriage proposals ever and it happened not too far from where I live. It tops my list because I think it has the most elaborate setup and the guy definitely went all out! Watch as he premiers his “movie trailer” at the beginning of the movie his soon-to-be fiancé has gone to. How could anyone say no to something like this? It is truly outstanding, though I can't begin to imagine how much money it cost to set up!


Flash Mob

Even though I didn’t put this video in the number 1 position, I think it is actually my favorite. It proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have an incredible proposal; you just need some fun, outgoing, and supportive friends and family. This one brings tears of joy to my eyes every single time I watch it. Bravo!


Making the Movies Jealous

Yes, yes, this is another movie trailer one, but watching her face as she suspects that the voices are familiar, then watching her expression as the camera pans out and you can see her boyfriend and her dad, is priceless. The proposal is so heartfelt and sweet, I just had to put it on my list!



This is possibly the best use of memes in existence. This couple is so cute and silly together. The guy uses an assortment of popular memes to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Spoiler alert… she says yes!


Pictionary Proposal

I adore this marriage proposal. It is so simple, yet so fun and it got the entire family involved. You could just feel their swelling of excitement when they all realized what was going on. It seems pretty obvious that no one, other than possibly the cameraman, was in on the proposal, which makes it even better!


Disney Proposal

This video is a bit long, but it is very much worth watching. It is so sweet, so romantic and so nicely set up. You can tell he truly loves her and put an incredible amount of thought and effort into how he was going to propose. Such an amazing setting!


Fire Safety Week

A fireman, answering questions during fire safety week at the school his girlfriend teaches at, gives her a wonderful surprise. I love how, the moment her hand touches the ring box, she looks right at her boyfriend and knows exactly what’s going on. Beautifully done!

I just love sweet gestures, whether they are elaborate or simple. A proposal is the quintessential moment where you get to show that special person exactly how deep your love for them is. Do you know of any amazing marriage proposals?

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Too sweet for words

Made me cry a little bit! So beautiful :')

The Disney one!!!!

These make me cry!

I cry every time I watch the first one.

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