7 Funny Proposals-Went-Wrong Videos ...


7 Funny Proposals-Went-Wrong Videos ...
7 Funny Proposals-Went-Wrong Videos ...

Marriage proposals should be interesting, creative and romantic – right? They should also be well thought through because even a simple marriage proposal can backfire; there are plenty of funny proposals-went-wrong videos proving that. In some cases, she simply doesn’t want to marry you, but don’t think it’s going to be smooth sailing even if she says yes. Yup, you should be creative, romantic, learn how to read the mixed signals we send and make sure your proposal is not only unique but delivered in front of a large auditorium too. Well, it’s no wonder these 7 guys failed. Check out these funny proposals-went-wrong videos to see how badly!

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Christmas Marriage Proposal Denied

Celebrating Christmas with her family was just heavenly… until she denied being his wife. We will never know why Erica denied his marriage proposal, after all, her family seemed to like him. Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying. I actually feel bad for him because he had a really nice speech and the courage the pop the question in front of all those people. It's just her refusal turned this into a funny proposal-went-wrong video. Erica, next time you don’t want to marry a guy, just call it casual dating and don’t insist on family holidays as these things can trick a guy into thinking that you actually want him to stick around.


Musical Proposal Denied

Awwww, wouldn’t you want to be proposed to this way? Well, she obviously didn’t fall for it. Too bad, though, because the guy had a really nice idea and has actually managed to pull it off perfectly. Watch the video closely, you can totally tell that she’s not happy with the way the story unfolds. Well, it was a very nice song, at least.


Balloon Proposal Goes Terribly Wrong

OMG! Can you believe what happened! I totally loved the idea of tying a ring to a balloon but, as you can see, it definitely wasn’t the smartest one. So, a note to all guys who might be reading this – don’t put a ring in her food, drinking glass and definitely don’t tie it to anything that could run or fly away. By the way, this ring looks exactly like mine!


On-Stage Proposal Denied

Oh, she totally hated the idea of coming on stage! Totally! You can clearly tell she’d rather be anyplace else rather than standing there, listening to him talking about how much he loves her. Poor guy, he got the courage to come up and pop the question in front of a large auditory… Maybe he got her signals all wrong? You never know… Although you might, if you pay close attention to all these funny proposals-went-wrong videos.


Empire State Building Proposal Denied

Well, if you ask me, it’s definitely not because of the ring! He’s kind of cute too, although Daniel Craig is the only blonde guy I could ever fall for. Bridget, on the other hand, obviously had a darn good reason to say “No.” Right? I mean she must have, just listen to the way she said it, like, “Duh! NO! Now stop goofing around and shut that thing off!”


Reporter Ruins the Surprise

Well, unlike all others, this is one funny proposal-went-wrong video where the girl actually said yes. It was a sweet moment indeed, although I bet it would have been even sweeter if the reporter kept his mouth shut. Now, I’m not sure if you can hear it because of all the noise but he says, “I just heard you proposed to your girlfriend, congratulations.” The girl is, of course, shocked and the guy quickly drops on one knee trying to salvage the situation.


Radio Proposal Gone Wrong

Ever thought about proposing to your girlfriend via radio? Well, don’t do it! These pranks are so not funny although the way it all happens is… well, kind of… only a little bit. Okay, girl, so once you sort everything out with your boyfriend you should definitely visit that radio station, find that Nigel guy and smash his microphone the same way you’ve smashed that cell phone.

Don’t you think we might be expecting too much from our guys? I’d say every proposal is special regardless of the way it’s been done. Although I’d love to be proposed to with a song so too bad my fiancé doesn’t really have a great singing voice. Still, guys out there, definitely take a lesson from these funny proposals-went-wrong videos!

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#6 is so cute :) They are just so happy

LMAO @ the balloon that got away with the ring!

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