7 of the Best Places to Put on Your Bridal Registry ...


7 of the Best Places to Put on Your Bridal Registry ...
7 of the Best Places to Put on Your Bridal Registry ...

If wedding bells are on your mind, I have some pretty fabulous places to put on your bridal registry that won’t break your friends’ and families’ budget either. Or, maybe you’re like me, and just having fun getting ideas for the big day, which isn’t in your near future, but on your list of hopes and dreams. I’m a big believer that the best gifts don’t have to cost the earth, nor that there's a need to put high price places on your bridal registry. People are more prone to buy gifts that don’t intimidate them. In fact, I'd be a little upset if someone bought me one dish that costs $200 just to put on display! Choose from some of the best places to put on your bridal registry. I know these are already on mine!

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Bed Bath and beyond

I could get lost in Bed Bath and Beyond. They make one of the best places to put on your bridal registry, because they have everything you and your future home and hubby could want! From kitchenware, bedding, bath and more, they’ve got it all. Plus, they have a fabulous bridal or baby registry that is very user friendly, making it easy for anyone to find what you want for your big day. Guests can access the registry online, or in stores, which is so helpful! They can even shop for items online and have them shipped to you or them.
Learn more at : bedbathandbeyond.com



What woman doesn’t love Target, right? I know I sure do! While you might not think to put Target on your bridal registry, I’d ask you to reconsider. Their website is pretty amazing, and they carry much more online than they do in stores. Shipping is also fast if guests want to have items shipped to you directly. Plus, their return policy is also excellent in case you get a gift that doesn’t work for you.
Learn more at: target.com



One of my favorite department stores is Macy’s. If you do want some pricier items like dishes and dinnerware, Macy’s has you covered. They have something for every part of your new life and home you could want, and they have something for every budget.
Learn more at: macys.com


Crate and Barrel

One of my favorite stores to browse around in is Crate and Barrel, and their wedding gift registry program is awesome. I’m especially fond of their dinnerware and wall decor! Plus, you can manage your registry on your smartphone, and also share it through social media!
Learn more at : crateandbarrel.com.



Oh, do I love Kohl’s! Kohl’s is definitely going on my bridal registry. I wonder if my future husband would mind if I filled the registry with their cute clothes? If you’re a bride to be, Kohl’s has anything from kitchenware, bedding, bath, and everything in between to cover your needs. Plus their email coupon deals are incredible, meaning it helps your guests save money too. Plus, you can earn 10% for your Kohl’s Rewards card when guests purchase off your registry. This helps you, without them even knowing it!
Learn more here: kohls.com.



Okay, now this place is for all of you who’d like a special something on your bridal registry. What woman wouldn’t like to get a gift from Bloomingdale’s right? I know I sure would! For far too many reasons to name, Bloomingdale’s is the ultimate overall place to put on your registry for everything you and your new husband could ever want. They also have an easy to use registry that can be accessed, edited and viewed online at anytime.
Learn more here: bloomingdales.com.



Lastly, one of my personal obsessions that belongs on any woman’s bridal registry is Williams-Sonoma. If you love kitchenware and cooking, you just have to put this fabulous place on your registry ladies. They’ve also got a fabulous home department, and even outdoors decor department if you’re into that kind of thing as well. The ultimate indulgence for women who love to cook, entertain, and decorate, Williams-Sonoma belongs on every female’s bridal registry!
Learn more here: williams-sonoma.com

Are you a bride to be? What special place is on your wedding registry?

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