7 Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Wedding ...


7 Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Wedding ...
7 Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Wedding ...

Add some personal touches to your wedding in order to make the day really unique to you and your husband’s personality and interests. Think about what really says ‘Hey everyone! This is our wedding!’ and include it in the details. From small touches to an entire theme, you can easily add personal touches to your wedding that will make this special day even more extra special. Here are some ideas of ways you can do that, while still sticking to tradition.

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Soundtrack of Love

Music is a fantastic way to add personal touches to your wedding and make it completely unique to you and your new hubby. Make CDs that feature key songs that you will have played at your wedding – your first dance, the cake cutting song and any other special songs that you will have played – and package the CDs inside personalized covers (a photo of the two of you, perhaps) and hand them out as favors.


Tasty Beverages

Another fantastic way to add your own stamp onto your wedding is by serving signature cocktails. Speak to your venue and arrange to have your favorite adult beverage served, or perhaps ask if they can create a unique drink for you. Serve the drinks in fun glasses, or add a festive garnish. Make sure the guests all know this is YOUR drink... every time they order it, they'll think of you two, the happy couple.


Say It with Photos

Showcase your love story with photos. Print out images of you and your main squeeze throughout your courtship and display them throughout the ceremony and reception spaces, or use them as centerpieces, instead of flowers.


Personalized Menu

Feature some of your favorite foods on the menu. For example, if you really love hamburgers, serve them (perhaps a fancier option, but serve them), or if your husband’s favorite meal is fried chicken, have it as an option.


Fancy Footwear

Who says you have to wear heels and your husband has to wear those shiny tux shoes? Be comfortable on your wedding day and showcase your personality by wearing unexpected shoes. For example, you and your girls can wear flip flops and your groom and his groomsmen can wear sneakers. Not only will this add a personal touch, but you’ll also be quite comfortable.


Words of Love

Have you ever wanted to shout from the rooftop just how much you love your beau? Well, your wedding day is the perfect time to do so; but instead of shouting from the rooftop, share your love in letters. Write love letters to one another and read them aloud during your ceremony.


Unique Centerpieces

Instead of using traditional flowers for your centerpieces, use something that is a little more personal. For example, if you love to travel, showcase items from the places you have visited in the centerpieces (a replica of the Eiffel Tower, for example). If you love music, how about featuring the sheet music to your favorite love songs in your centerpieces?

Your wedding day is all about you and your husband, so why not make the day unique to the two of you? What types of personal touches are you planning on using on your wedding day?

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i wore my black converses with my black and white dress and everyone loved it

My husband and I just ordered a wedding dress sketch and suit sketch. We will have it for the wedding guests to sign the mat border.

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