7 Wine-Themed Wedding Ideas ...


7 Wine-Themed Wedding Ideas ...
7 Wine-Themed Wedding Ideas ...

Whether you’re getting married at a vineyard or just love planning a wine-themed wedding, these simple ideas will no doubt help you carry out your vision from start to finish while having lots of fun along the way. Read on for a look at just a few of my favorite wine-themed wedding ideas, and feel free to also share your own. It may be a tired cliché, but your wedding day really is the perfect time to eat, drink and be merry!

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Wine Bottle Guestbook

Wine Bottle Guestbook While the classic guestbook will always be a beloved choice, couples are also putting their own unique twist on the tradition by having guests sign everything from snowboards to photo albums. What better choice for a wine-themed wedding than asking guests to sign a few bottles of your favorite vintage? Stop by a local craft shop to pick up a set of silver pens specially designed for writing on glass, and then let your guests go to town! After the big day, you can store the bottles to drink on your first anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion.


Group Wine Tasting

Group Wine Tasting Tying the knot at your favorite winery? Add an especially fun touch to your cocktail hour by hosting a group wine tasting for guests, where they’ll have a chance to sample a few of your favorite reds, whites, or any combination you choose. Inviting guests who are underage or don’t drink? Be sure to also provide options for snacking and mingling during the time the tasting is scheduled, and consider hosting a similar non-alcoholic tasting featuring sparkling cider, gourmet chocolates, or anything else that strikes your fancy.


Mini Wine Bottle Cocktails

Mini Wine Bottle Cocktails Speaking of your cocktail hour, another great idea is to serve guests mini wine bottles paired with complementary finger food appetizers, like merlot and savory sliders. Barefoot sells perfectly sized bottles in varietals ranging from moscato to white zinfandel to chardonnay, so head online and check them out. Not into pairings? Mini bottles also make great favors!


For those who love to add a personal touch, custom labels on mini wine bottles can showcase the couple's names and wedding date. This adds an intimate feel to the celebration, inviting guests to share in the love story. You can even take it a step further by creating a signature cocktail using the wine from the bottles, served in chic glasses to toast the newlyweds. Whether as a refreshment or a take-home gift, these charming miniatures are sure to be a hit, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and fun.


Wine Cork Escort Cards

Wine Cork Escort Cards Help guests find their tables in style with escort cards made out of wine corks. These versatile holders can also serve as actual place cards at each person’s seat, or be used for other labeling purposes, such as naming the items on a dessert or buffet table. Grab a set, and get organized!


Wine-Themed Table Décor

Wine-Themed Table Décor From creating wine bottle candle holders to filling glass vases with corks, let your imagination take the lead when it comes to wine-themed table décor. With custom labels, wine bottles can also be used to display table names or numbers in a way that’s simple and straightforward but still in keeping with your theme. Not planning a sit-down dinner? Fill empty wine bottles with flowers to create simple yet chic cocktail table décor.


Wine Bottle save-the-Date

Wine Bottle save-the-Date Looking for a creative way to introduce your theme right from the get-go? Send guests a bottle of your favorite wine, complete with a custom save-the-date label! Shipping bottles of wine can of course be pricey, so this is one idea that might work best for those planning a small and intimate affair. Want to take a more traditional route? There are tons of fun wine-themed save-the-date cards and magnets, too.


Wine-Themed Desserts

Wine-Themed Desserts Whether you prefer a grape-adorned cake or wine-flavored cupcakes, desserts are a great way to carry your vision all the way through to the end of the night. Wine-inspired designs are popular picks for everything from cake pops to gourmet cookies, so browse away on Pinterest, and then work with your baker to come up with the perfect plan. Your guests are sure to be delighted, not to mention very full!

Are you planning a wine-themed wedding? Which fun ideas are at the top of your list?

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