7 Bridal Shower Games Your Guests Will Love ...

By Marquitta

If you’re stumped trying to figure out what bridal shower games will keep your guests from snoozing, you’ve come to the right place! I’m the matron of honor for my friend’s upcoming wedding, and now after throwing her bridal shower, I have a pretty good idea of what games are just plain bad, and what games will be talked about even after the wedding! If you’re planning a bridal shower anytime soon, here are 7 bridal shower games that’ll keep your guests highly entertained!

1 Paperclip Game

One of the most fun bridal shower games is the paperclip game! The object of the game is to be the person with the most paperclips by the end of the shower. Here’s how to play: As the guests enter, the hostess will give each person 3 paperclips. If a guest is caught crossing her legs, she has to give up a paperclip to the guest who saw it! By the end of the bridal shower, whomever has the most paperclips gets a prize! The great thing about this game is that it’s an on-going game, which will keep your guests alert and laughing.

2 Subcategories

If you love the game Scattegories, you’ll love Subcategories. To start, the hostess will give the guests a large index card, and ask them to make three columns. The guests will be given 2 minutes to come up with as many items in a category of the hostess’s choice starting with the letters of the bride’s initials. For example, if the bride’s name is Jane Sally Pugh, the first round, the guest could name as many cities as they can starting with the letter ‘J.’ If any of the guests come up with the same answers, that answer has to be scratched off and it can’t be counted in the final points. Each guest will count their points, and the guest with the most wins!

3 Celebrity Who Am I?

If you want the guests to scramble, Celebrity Who am I is a perfect game! The purpose of the game is to be the first team of celebrities to guess who they are. Here’s how to play: The hostess will write a name of a well-known celebrity on an index card, and tape one to the back of each guest. The guests then go around to their team members asking yes or no questions only, such as “Am I a woman?” or “Am I in my 30s?” The first team with all of their celebrities guessed wins.

4 Wedding Movie Charades

Everyone loves charades and what’s more perfect than adding a wedding theme to it?! The guests will be split into teams, and everyone will be given a turn to pull a wedding movie out of a hat, and try to get their teammates to guess it without using words! A great thing about this game is that some guests will act out words of the title, and others will act out scenes from the movie! The variety will keep the guests on their toes!

5 What Was She Wearing?

The guests will strain their memories on this one! The bride will step out of the room, and the guests will write down everything the bride was wearing from head to toe! The more specific with colors, patterns, and fabrics they are, the more points they get. The hostess will add up the guests point, and the person with the most points and most accurate answers wins. This is a quick and easy game that the guests will absolutely love!

6 The Newlywed Game

The Newlywed game kept the guests the most interested at the bridal shower I hosted! Beforehand, the hostess asks the groom 20 questions about him, the bride, and their relationship, and records his answers. At the Shower, the hostess will ask the same questions to the bride first, then share the groom’s answers. The guests were so intrigued by this game, and interested in what the groom had to say! You’d be surprised at the kind of juicy details you’ll get from the groom!

7 Wedding Night Words

If you want a game that will get the guests hooting and hollering, Wedding Night Words is it! As the bride opens her gifts, the hostess will write down the bride’s responses to each gift, and read them after all of the gifts are open. It’s amazing how well some of the responses fit when you put them in the context of the wedding night. You’re sure to hear hilarious phrases such as “Oh that is NICE!” “Am I going too fast?” and “How am I supposed to fit it in there!” This game will not disappoint!

I hope you’ve picked up a few games to play for the next bridal shower you host! Have you ever played any of these games? What was your experience? If you know of any more fun bridal shower games, please share!

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