7 Wedding Themes That Everyone Will Love ...


7 Wedding Themes That Everyone Will Love ...
7 Wedding Themes That Everyone Will Love ...

Which wedding themes are your absolute favorites? I’ve become quite the wedding planner lately, helping to theme and create a whole variety of unique, memorable days; and some of the best wedding themes are the ones I’d never have thought of. If you’re stuck on choosing a wedding theme, or you just want to imagine yourself as the bride, give these great ideas a go!

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This is one of the wedding themes that I wouldn’t have dreamt up in a million years, but that worked fantastically. We had scroll-style invitations delivered to the guests, and family crests marking out the seating plan. The wedding meal was a sumptuous banquet, served on a Royal table with plenty of post table covers and beautiful goblets for wine, and the cake was a stunning castle with mini replicas of the bride and groom on top. The bride wore a beautiful Medieval princess gown, with a corset top, ribbon detailing and plaited hair, and the children came as knights and princesses. Everybody got into it, and an amazing day was had. You should see the photographs!


Winter Wonderland…

Always dreamed of a white wedding? Your theme is easy to pick, and will look amazing. Opt for white furniture, and sparkly white table-clothes. White fairy lights make a beautiful decoration across the tables, and white roses mixed with Wintry berries and leaves are stunning centerpieces for the tables. Snowflakes can adorn everything from invitations to favors, and make beautiful table decorations, and a big white glittery cake is essential. The bride will look gorgeous in a white dress with a velvet throw, and don’t be afraid to decorate with natural winter items like pine cones, too. We got some gorgeous photos of the bride and groom in the snow!


Seaside Fun…

If you are one of those people who only truly feels at home on the beach, or if the sea has a particular meaning to your relationship--meeting there, a great first date, etc--you’ll probably love the idea of a seaside wedding. Most people have amazing memories of holidays at the sea, and it’s a great theme! Choose nautical themed invites, or go turn postcards from your favorite beach resorts into unique invitations. Messages in clear glass bottles make excellent decorations or table centerpieces, and opt for bright seaside flowers for the bride’s bouquet. Fish and chips make a great wedding meal, and turquoise is a great color for bridesmaids, who could scatter pebbles or shells…


1940s Style…

The 1940s were all about glamour, and the era makes an amazing wedding theme. A big band is essential wedding entertainment, and choose a vintage-style gown that makes you feel like a Princess. Traditional home-made cakes and pastries should be offer with tea and coffee, and big jugs of homemade lemonade. Have the men wear bow-ties and the woman wear something jeweled, and arrive in a beautiful classic car. Then surprise everyone by producing over-sized garden games such as bowls or cricket on the lawn for afterwards. What an afternoon!


Arabian Nights…

We planned this for a friend who loves everything Arabian, and dreamt of being Jasmine when we grew up…and she loved it. To really capture the look, you need plenty of bright, bold colors, and excellent attention to detail. We used a bright pink silk tablecloth over every table, and suspended bright blue and gold fabrics around the ceiling. We used fancy frayed beige napkins and table mats, and held them in place with jeweled clips. The centerpieces were made of brightly colored flowers and fruits held in variety of quirky perfume bottles and small colorful containers. Outside, we hung lanterns holding candles in all the trees, and marked the path to the door with clear hanging vases holding bright pink flowers. The bride wore a beautiful white dress, themed with a jeweled headpiece and bright pink eyeshadow, and the guests came wearing something bold. Colorful and memorable!


Las Vegas…

You don’t have to go to Vegas to have a Vegas inspired wedding; you can create a much classier affair at home, but keep the great influence. First, choose a big showgirl-inspired dress for the bride, and a classic suit for the groom. Bridemaids should have backing-dancer style dresses, which complement the main outfit but are more understated, and flowers should be big, bright sunflowers, orange roses and red tulips. A wedding reception in a vintage style café, with sundaes and candyfloss and burgers, will be loved by everyone. You can easily work a gambling theme in too, with a dice or cards shaped cake, and gambling-themed invitations.


Japanese Wedding…

This is one of the lesser-known wedding themes, but it makes for an amazing day. First, everything should be colorful and patterned. Opt for a bold dress like this and you won’t be disappointed. I love the matching hair accessories and the chic beaded necklace! Give out printed kimonos in a coordinating color for the guests, and have your bridesmaids and flower girls hold beautiful pink umbrellas. Tillandsia and Stefanotis make stunning bouquets, and Bonsai trees are beautiful centre-pieces… As for food, noodles and sushi are definite favorites, and don’t forget to leave chopsticks out for your guests. It’ll be a day nobody will forget!

I just love these wedding themes…I’m planning a 1920s style day now, and getting everything sorted and everybody into character is so much fun. Don’t overlook the value of a theme in making your day exciting and memorable for everyone! What wedding themes would you choose? Let me know!

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The Seaside theme is so pretty!

Diamonds and Denim is a great classy but rugged theme and gives everyone a guide for what to wear!

We are getting married on 9/5/15 at a lodge are colors are blush and grey the bridesmaids obviously in blush and groomsmen in dark grey tux! Everyone keeps asking us about our theme and I have no idea! I am the more glitz and glam girly girl and he is the more rough and rugged country boy I was trying to think a mix of rustic meets glam??? Any ideas HELP!! :)

Love the winter wonderland idea --lots of sparkly silver

Loving the beach theme! So beautiful!

I love different ideas those will come in handy for my wedding

To young only 17 but if I can't have a Gatsby or titanic wedding I want a Celtic one. May be from the south but I have Irish roots

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