25 Country Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas ...


25 Country Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas ...
25 Country Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas ...

Mix country and rustic together and you have yourself a country rustic wedding theme that can be in the woods, in a barn, or even in your backyard. Details of cowboy boots, mason jars, a type writer guest book, birch wood, and a pickup truck for transportation will bring these two themes together as one. Today we're bringing the farm and backwoods details together for 20 Country Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas everyone will love...

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Country Rustic Ceremony...

Country Rustic Ceremony... I love the way any wedding venue, no matter where you live or what theme you are planning, can be turned into what you've been dreaming about. Can you believe that this is the private residence of the bride's family in Tennesse. With the help of her friend and event designer Jodi Brewer, they turned the family farm into a chic country rustic wedding with hanging chandeliers and a beautiful floral arch way for their ceremony.


Country Rustic Transportation...

Country Rustic Transportation... You can't get any more country rustic than an old ford pickup truck! Perhaps you know someone who would let a sweet country rustic bride and her dad drive to her wedding in one or even just to use for rustic photos like this one. For more country rustic photo shots, get inside the truck or sit on the hood with your bridal party!


Country Rustic Animals...

Country Rustic Animals... Sometimes a country rustic wedding is more than just a theme, it's about the ranch or farm you grew up on and the animals you took care of and you want those memories included throughout your big day. Bring those moments to life with beautiful horses that you once trained and rode on when you were little. Not only would this be special for your wedding but also for your country rustic save the dates or thank you cards.


Country Rustic Attire...

Country Rustic Attire... A country rustic wedding theme can be more relaxed with simple details and simple but chic attire like a pair of retro suspenders for the groom and a vintage pink gown for the bride. I love how this bride and groom look country, rustic, and retro all at the same time! When you plan simple details for a country rustic wedding you can save money by reusing, going to thrift shops, and DIY. With two creative minds the possibilities are endless!


Country Rustic Bridesmaids...

Country Rustic Bridesmaids... To keep your country rustic theme flowing through your big day from the trees at your ceremony to your barn reception, match your wedding colors and bridesmaids dresses to the rustic earth tones of these details. Luckily for these beautiful bridesmaids they already had dresses in their wardrobe that matched the colors the bride wanted. Earth tones of silver, bronze, light brown, pale greens, and yellows will look brilliant mixed throughout your country rustic wedding day.


Country Rustic Flower Girls...

Country Rustic Flower Girls... This stunning photo captured my heart and I know it will inspire your country rustic wedding with ideas for your flower girls. Keeping with the rustic earth tone colors of your bridesmaids, your flower girls don't have to match perfectly but they can be just as sweet and simple as all of the details in your country rustic affair! I love the idea of having two older flower girls pull the younger one in a rustic wagon; the wagon and her smile just melt my heart!


Country Rustic Ring Pillow...

Country Rustic Ring Pillow... There are many unique ring "pillow" ideas you can use for your country rustic theme other than the traditional pillow. This moss wood ring pillow would be perfect for a backwoods or barn ceremony. The great thing about country rustic wedding themes is the eco-friendly and green details like this birch ring pillow that can be reused and are already helping to cut down on environmental waste.


Turning to the charm of nature, consider incorporating elements such as wildflowers tied with twine to nest your rings, or a miniature hay bale adorned with lace for that touch of bucolic elegance. Embracing the local flora, a hollowed-out log filled with seasonal blooms can also be a whimsical and organic option that reaffirms your commitment to sustainability. Each choice promises a blend of tradition and pastoral flair, ensuring a memorable accent that harmoniously complements the essence of country rustic nuptials.


Country Rustic Hairstyles...

Country Rustic Hairstyles... Braids are a beautiful bridal hairstyle for any theme, but have a simple yet chic look to them that will complete your country rustic ensemble. I love the loose look of her hairdo and the way the braid wraps around like a halo, it adds a whimsical touch that is perfect for a country rustic wedding!


Country Rustic Shoes...

Country Rustic Shoes... What's a country rustic wedding without your cowgirl boots?! I love when bridesmaids wear cowgirl boots with their tea length dresses, there is no mistaking this wedding as anything other than a country theme! Of course you can wear heels or flats, but if you really want to go all out with your country rustic theme from head to toe, walk down the aisle in your boots and rock your cowgirl hat during the reception!


Country Rustic Flowers...

Country Rustic Flowers... Whether you are planning a country rustic theme for an outdoor or indoor wedding, you'll want your flowers and decor items to reflect the rustic nature of the woods or the countryside. Bring those earth tones into your bridal bouquet with succulents and greens like this gorgeous bouquet; you can also mix in some florals for a soft touch. Complete your country rustic look with twine wrapped around the stems of the bouquet.


Country Rustic Reception...

Country Rustic Reception... If you are lucky enough to have a barn in your backyard like this bride than you don't need to go very far for your country rustic wedding day! What's great about a blank space is that it can be turned into anything you can imagine. With a little lighting, some tables and chairs, and a few gorgeous centerpieces, an elegant country rustic reception was created in their barn!


Country Rustic Decor...

Country Rustic Decor... If I could create magical country rustic lighting like this in my home, I would! It's more than just the branches and it's more than just the light bulbs and hanging candles; it's both of them and how together as one they create a whimsical rustic chandelier. Who wouldn't want to sit here all day and enjoy dinner!


Country Rustic Guestbook...

Country Rustic Guestbook... Don't just put a book out for your guests to write a message in, have your guests use a typewriter to give a more rustic feel to your country rustic wedding theme! If you are planning a big day that is more country with a barn reception and cowgirl boot bridesmaids, bring in little details like this to mix in the rustic touches you want as well.


Country Rustic Invitations...

Country Rustic Invitations... Let your invitations set the tone for your country rustic wedding with details of trees, cowboy boots, a barn, or even a few woodland animals to give your guests a hint and let their imaginations run wild. How amazing is this 3D like print that was actually handmade by the bride and groom! They used a laser cutter and other items to create this stunning "Backwoods" theme invitation.


Country Rustic Favors...

Country Rustic Favors... Every couple wants their guests to go home with favors they will enjoy but they also want to display favors that match their theme and wedding decor. Well what could be a more country rustic favor than honey! I love everything about this favor table; the "Sweet as Honey" sign, the little honey bottles, and the adorable honeybee tags! Honey favors might not work for just any wedding, but they certainly do for a country rustic theme as they give everyone a warm feeling of home.


Country Rustic Photo Booth...

Country Rustic Photo Booth... If you are having a photo booth at your reception why not have fun customizing it to match your country rustic wedding theme with handmade fabric backdrops. For their photo booth, this sweet couple hung a clothes line and strung several colorful fabrics so that each guest could have fun with different shots.


Country Rustic Food...

Country Rustic Food... Who knew barbecue could look so pretty! At first glance you might think this country rustic food was homemade, especially with beautiful serve-ware like these marble bowls and pots, but it's actually catered from Mo's Smokehouse BBQ in California! For that down home, country feeling serve your guests food like chili, pulled pork, and barbecue chicken that will keep their hearts and bellies happy.


Country Rustic Drinks...

Country Rustic Drinks... Mason jars are very popular for country and rustic weddings and these adorable mason jar mugs would be great to drink out of at your country rustic wedding. I can also see these mason jar mugs making great gifts for your bridal party with tags like, "Maid of Honor" and "Best Man" just like these cute "Bride" and "Groom" tags!


Country Rustic Dessert...

Country Rustic Dessert... To keep that down home, country rustic feeling flowing through to dessert serve your guests homemade pies like grandma's famous apple pie or pumpkin pie for rustic fall weddings. Pie doesn't have to take over as your wedding cake, but can be served along with it if you want to have both.


Country Rustic Wedding Night...

Country Rustic Wedding Night... Now that your fabulous country rustic wedding day is turning into night have fun with your guests with a fire pit and some tasty smores. Bring back the days of camping in front of the fire and tell ghost stories and silly jokes that will bring the best end to the amazing country rustic day you've had.


Country Rustic Lighting

Country Rustic Lighting These cute tin can lights are a great way to add a country feel to your wedding! You can go out and buy some or even do it yourself. There are tutorials online that show you how to use a drill and some cans to get this super cute effect. Than can either be simple or go for something more intricate with a design.


Country Rustic Location

Country Rustic Location Location is everything for a wedding! If you're going for a country rustic feel, why not try to have your wedding at a barn? There are great barn wedding locations where you and your guests can get together. When decorated properly, this can be a really beautiful place to get married.


Country Rustic Programs

Country Rustic Programs These are so cute! I've never been to a wedding that has programs, but I think it's a great idea. Get these cute programs made up with the readings, bridal party, parents of the bride and groom, etc. and have a cute rustic feel to them. Here I just love the clothes pins that are holding the photos the the program. What an awesome idea!


Country Rustic Cake

Country Rustic Cake Everyone loves the cake part of a wedding, so make sure yours is really special! There are tons of ways to make your cake a country rustic cake whether it be the way it's decorated or even the cake topper. Make sure you talk to whoever it making your cake and ask them to incorporate nature. This could mean bark, leaves, grass, flowers, etc.; any of these would make great decorations.


Country Rustic Centerpiece

Country Rustic Centerpiece There are so many country centerpieces out there! These can be ordered or you can make them yourself! Get all your bridesmaids together and make some really cute centerpieces. You can use flowers, mason jars, tin cans, pottery, and a lot of other things to make sure that they fit in your country theme! People will be in awe when everything comes together.

Whether your country rustic wedding is being held in a barn, in the woods, or in your backyard, with details like branch centerpieces, hay bale seating, and cowgirl boot bridesmaids, you can create the country rustic theme of your dreams where ever you live, even if you're not from the country! Shop at thrift stores and check out your grandparents' attic for the perfect vintage touches that will put the rustic into your country theme. We hope these ideas inspire your country rustic wedding theme and that you will share what ideas you love most or if you have found something different that is perfect for this theme.

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lydia Sheehan.

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I love those photos and the flower girls are simply adorable:) Kisses and hugs, dear. xo

I want this kind of wedding! It's down-to-earth, creative and personal! I love it!

All the photos are SO darling and the ideas would really create a couple's own little rustic world. Great stuff, Diana!

All the photos are SO darling and the ideas would really create a couple's own little rustic world. Great stuff, Diana!

So cute!!!

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