6 Adorable Flower Girls and Their Pretty Dresses ...


6 Adorable Flower Girls and Their Pretty Dresses ...
6 Adorable Flower Girls and Their Pretty Dresses ...

Flower girls are just the cutest little kids; they just steal my heart as they twirl around in their pretty dresses! Sometimes I think they steal the show from the bride and groom, everyone can't help to just smile when they see these little girls walking down the aisle. **Put a smile on your face when you see these 6 adorable flower girls in their pretty dresses! **

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Nine Flower Girls is Better than One...

Nine Flower Girls is Better than One... Photo: StyleMePretty.com

Can you believe the bride and groom had nine beautiful flower girls in this wedding! I love that they are holding hands, how adorable! Their pretty little dresses are from J.Crewand just look perfect on them! No flowers needed for these little angels; their waving around wonderful little wands! **How many flower girls will be in your wedding? **


Stealing the Show...

Stealing the Show... Photo: StyleMePretty.com

Let them steal the show, especially with darling photos that can be captured like this one! Do you think she kissed him on her own or maybe the photographer got her to do this?! Either way, it's just a wonderful memory to have of the beautiful** flower girls in your wedding. Just make sure she doesn't walk away with your groom! **What fun photo ideas do you have for your big day?


Stealing My Heart...

Stealing My Heart... Photo: StyleMePretty.com

Flower girls in tutus just steal my heart and take my breath away! Who could resist having a little girl in your wedding when they have such pretty dresses like theses ones! I love when they wear non-traditional dresses and stand out on their own. Just wait till you see them dancing in these precious tutus! **What type of dress will your flower girl wear? **


Flower Girls Stick Together...

Flower Girls Stick Together... Photo: ElizabethAnneDesigns.com

It's a nice thing for your wedding to have more than one flower girl so they can play together and stick together throughout your big day. These beautiful girls just love smiling for the camera and will encourage each other to do a good job! They want to help each other and impress the bride and groom because they know everyone will be watching! Did your flower girls get along during your wedding?


Just Go with the Flow...

Just Go with the Flow... Photo: English-Wedding.com

Sometimes we don't always get what we want or get to do what we want and that makes for a cranky day! Little kids need naps and play time. Give your** flower girl a break during the day before she has to stand still to take pictures. Bring along her favorite toys, surprise her with a new doll, and **just go with the flow **if she gets upset. But remember, whatever happens it makes for **great photos and memories! Did your flower girl get upset?


Flower Girls Love the Bride...

Flower Girls Love the Bride... Photo: StyleMePretty.com

She wants to be just like you and will follow you around all day long! But we don't mind because our little flower girls are the most adorable girls in the world! Little girls love to** play dress up** and some dream of their own wedding day. Play along with her and **capture the moment **that will last forever in your heart. I am melting from the cutest face this little girl has!

**Share your flower girl stories with us, were you a flower girl when you were little? **

Top Photo: StyleMePretty.com

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