6 Wedding Dresses for Every Bride's Beautiful Body ...

Every bride, whether she is petite, tall, plus size, or pear-shaped, deserves to find the** perfect gown**. If you would love to show off those curves, create some curves, or hide what you don't always like. Continue reading to find out about the 6 wedding dresses for every bride's beautiful body. All brides should experience that, "This is the One" moment!

6. A-Line: Most Figure Flattering...

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Photo: Fashionablebride.com

As a former bride-2-be there were many gowns I loved in the bridal magazines but when it came to trying those gowns on, that were showcased on size two models, I wasn't too happy with the result. My Allure gown was a beautiful lace A-line that flattered me where I wanted and didn't hug me too tight in places I wanted to hide. If you're uncertain about your body shape try on a few A-line gowns like this Priscilla of Bostonand it may just be the one you say yes to!

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