5 Great Places for a Bachelorette Party!

There are always great places in your own town to hit for a bachelorette party; the local bar, clubs, the spa, or even your maid of honor's hot tub! But if you're looking for a great place to make** lasting memories**, see some sites, go wild, or stay tame, then check out these 5 great places for your bachelorette party!

5. The Big Apple...

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Everyone loves New York and you will too for your "out on the town" ****bachelorette party! Shop, take in a show on Broadway, have fun learning to striptease, dance with the drag show, and even tour the city "Sex and the City style" to see all the hot spots where the fabulous ladiesmade a name for themselves! Looks like NYC is the place to be for your last night as a** single lady**! What's your favorite place to party in New York City ?

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