4 Wedding Details to Get Your Groom Involved with ...


4 Wedding Details to Get Your Groom Involved with ...
4 Wedding Details to Get Your Groom Involved with ...

When it comes to weddings some grooms believe the brides want to do all of the planning with her best group of gals. There are some grooms that really get involved and we love them for it, but if you're having trouble getting your fiance interested in any of your wedding planning ideas here are 4 wedding details your groom may want to be involved with...

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Handle the Money Honey...

Handle the Money Honey... Photo: StyleMePretty.com

The Budget is the first thing, after celebrating your wonderful engagement, that should be set. You should sit down together to go over what you would like to spend. Then when you have your limit set the groom can get involved with paying the vendors on time, making a budget chart of the amount everyone gets paid, and if there is any room in the budget for extras. He may not be cutting out little heartsfor your wedding banner, but helping with the budget is one of the most important details of your wedding. Have you set your wedding budget?


Pimp My Ride...

Pimp My Ride... Photo: StyleMePretty.com

Men love cars...enough said! So what better wedding detail to have your groom involved with. First follow number four and set your transportation budget. This way he'll know whether he can pick out the glamourous **Rolls Royce or join with the rest of thebridal party on the ever so fun school bus or trolley! Will you be **riding in style on your wedding day?


Entertain the Guests...

Entertain the Guests... Photo: StyleMePretty.com

Is your groom always the life of the party? Booking the entertainment; DJ, band, fireworks, or dancers, can be something fun for your groom to be involved with. He may even surprise you with an awesome choreographed dance from him and his groomsmen! **What kind of entertainment are you look for on the big day? **


Groomin' the Groomsmen...

Groomin' the Groomsmen... Photo: StyleMePretty.com

After you decide the tone of your wedding; black tie event, beach wedding, casual, or semi-formal, your groom can take his groomsmen for a night out trying different suits, tuxedos, and ties on. They can even take some pictures so you can choose your favorite ensemble together. But if you're a brave bride, give your groom full freedom in choosing their looks and see how well they did on your big day!** What kind of tuxedo will your groom be wearing?**

**In what ways will your Groom be involved with wedding planning? **

Top Image: StyleMePretty.com

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