8 Ideas on How to Make Your Wedding a Memorable Event ...


8 Ideas on How to Make Your Wedding a Memorable Event ...
8 Ideas on How to Make Your Wedding a Memorable Event ...

Most people want a wedding that they will remember forever. There are tons of ways you can achieve this. It’s not always as easy to make your wedding memorable for everyone who is attending it or the reception afterwards. Here are 8 ideas on how to make your wedding a memorable event for both you and the guests.

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Write Your Own Vows

Adding in some quirky bits to your personal vows can be fun for everyone. I know there are some jokers out there that have come up with some really great vows. For instance, when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got married they promised to split the difference on the thermostat in their wedding vows. I can see kids of my son’s generation adding in a quote from a popular movie in their time. Instead of saying ‘till death do us part’ they might be more inclined to say ‘to infinity and beyond’, just as Buzz Lightyear did in the movie Toy Story.


Have an Open Bar

This doesn’t have to be a bar that only serves alcoholic drinks, which is what most people think of when someone mentions and open bar. An array of non-alcoholic drink recipes can be found online and many bar tenders know how to make mock drinks that taste very similar to popular alcoholic beverages. People always have a good time when the drinks are free!


Send Guests Home with Fun Wedding Favors

If you have a theme going on, then find some wedding favors that fit in with the theme for guests to enjoy later. I know most people only give favors at a bridal shower, but you could easily find a few fun things to place on each table that guests can take home if they wish. Chocolate puzzles are always fun. Wedding-themed fortune cookies are another great idea that is easy to purchase in a large quantity. Incorporate the favors into the arrangement on each table to create a memorable display.


Hire a Well-known Caterer

Get a list of popular caterers in your area and see which one you might like to have. Having a really great caterer that makes fantastic food is always one way to impress guests to the point that they remember everything they ate. If the caterer has an artistic flair that he/she is known for, this is also a bonus.


Make It a Themed Wedding

Who wouldn’t remember a wedding where all the bride’s maids dressed up like Little Bo Peep? A themed wedding is just plain fun for all. If you can talk the guests into dressing up to go along with the theme as well, then this makes for fantastic pictures later on. The more outrageous, the more your wedding will be the topic of conversations for years to come.


Hire a Live Band

I don’t know about you, but I prefer live music over pre-recorded. Sure a random mix CD filled with all your favorite songs is fun, but a live band can take requests and really get the crowd going. The best weddings I’ve been to all had live bands at their receptions.


Conduct the Ceremony on the Beach

Ah, the beach! If I had a big wedding, I would totally love it to be conducted on the beach. The salty sea air and sunshine are perfect for a memorable wedding. Very few people grumble when they have to attend a wedding on the beach. The best part is that shoes are optional when there’s sand involved! I despise wearing shoes, so I’m all for the sand. Bring it on!


Have a Destination Wedding

If you’re going for sand, why not include a tropical destination too? Or what about a wedding in a glorious castle somewhere in Ireland or Scotland? Destination weddings seem to become more and more popular as the years go on.

I hope these 8 ideas on how to make your wedding a memorable event are useful for you. Planning a wedding is extremely time-consuming, but these little tips might give you ideas on how to create the ultimate wedding that everyone will enjoy. What made a wedding memorable for you in the past?

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