7 Pros and Cons of the Royal Wedding ...


7 Pros and Cons of the Royal Wedding ...
7 Pros and Cons of the Royal Wedding ...

It’s hard to be indifferent to a British Royal Wedding and now not only have we got Kate and William in April, but Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne will be marrying her England International Rugby Footballer fiancé in July. The second is aiming to be a low-key affair without the pomp and ceremony of the first but it certainly won’t escape the media spotlight. I think I’m a royalist at heart. I may not agree with everything they stand for, or say and do but I’m looking forward to the big day. I know others aren’t so here are some pros and cons of the Royal Wedding.

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Bank Holiday

Easily the best pro of the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton is that it’s going to be a national holiday. I remember on the day Charlie married Di, the country pretty much came to a standstill. I’m not sure that is going to happen this time. I think there will be a lot more shops and businesses that remain open. This day off also makes late April and early May a very lazy month. Easter is late this year so we get Good Friday 04/22 and Easter Bank holiday 04/25, the wedding day of 04/29 then May Day Bank Holiday 05/02.



The wedding is going to cost the country a pretty packet is one of the cons of the Royal Wedding. Anti monarchists, political commentators and grumpy people believe that at a time of unemployment, swathing cuts in public services, rising inflation etc a massive celebration is not the best use of the public purse. Dissenters to this point of view argue that the wedding will bring in a huge amount of overseas income which leads me to…



London is already a favourite tourist destination and experts believe that a huge pro of the Royal Wedding is a major boost that attracts even more visitors. Maybe the worldwide coverage will also put London on the radar of other potential visitors but if the tourist dollar does flow more readily as a result, it can offset some of those pounds spent on the event itself.



Back in 1981, Princess Diana spawned a whole slew of fashion trends including the pie frill collar (eww – I had 3 or 4 blouses with that style) and the hairstyle. Looking back I actually thinks this represents both a pro and con. Great if you love the styles and not so hot when you don’t.



I have to admit to sitting in front of the television for the whole coverage of the 1981 Royal Wedding. I’m not about this one. Television saturation is one of those aspects that I think is difficult to categorize as either a pro or con because there’s actually plenty of alternatives and you don’t have to watch if you don’t want to.



I hope I don’t upset the many lovers of royal memorabilia that I know are out there but to me one of the biggest cons of the Royal Wedding or indeed any royal celebration is the revolting range of commemorative ware that fills the shops. I just hope that nobody buys me a mug with William’s and Kate’s mugs on it.



We’ve got one of the most important websites in the UK, the BBC, counting down the days to the event, then this week the Trafalgar Square clock began counting down 500 days to the Olympics. Thank heavens that the BBC isn’t also counting the days to Zara’s do because it could all get really confusing. I think we’ve moved on from the days when the paparazzi hounded Diana to death (allegedly) but it doesn’t stop the weddings being the subject of every newspaper, every news programme and every magazine style television programme.

Whatever your thoughts on monarchy, I hope these pros and cons of the Royal Wedding have given you some food for thought. Will you be watching?

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You make some really great points. Completely agree about the pottery and the overkill... it's a little much!

What a great list of prose and cons. I totally agree about the pottery. It will be everywhere for sure! Have a fantastic Monday, darling Kisses

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