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7 Theme Wedding Ideas That Rock ...

By Mercy

To add a memorable touch to your grand day, applying a theme to the ceremonies is a wonderful idea. It sets your function apart from all the others and definitely makes it one to remember. While choosing a theme, it’s wise to go with something that you and your spouse to be are passionate about. Here are 7 theme wedding ideas that rock.

1 Beach Wedding

For the couple that loves the ocean, a beach wedding is the perfect setting. The bride can wear a sunny beach dress while the groom can wear a light colored suit. Lose flowing flower arrangements are ideal along with casual canopies in the sand. A magical way to celebrate the big day.

2 Hippie Wedding Theme

For the couple that embraced this period in time, a hippie wedding is perfect. Once again the entire flavor of the event is casual. The bride could wear an empire cut free flowing dress with flowers in her hair. The groom can wear bell-bottoms. Guests can be encouraged to do the same and of course no shoes at this event.

3 Mardi Gras Wedding Theme

To add a little flair and flamboyance to this one in a lifetime event, consider the Mardi Gras wedding theme. The decorations and flowers could be in purple, gold and green. Details on the bride’s gown could also include these colors. Even the bridesmaids could be made to wear elaborate feathered headdresses.

4 Hollywood Wedding

A Hollywood wedding is for the couple who are avid movie buffs and it is extremely exciting to pull off. The colors could be traditional black and white with a few red accents. The bride can wear a long elaborate gown with of course bright red lipstick and perfectly coiffed hair. The groom can rock this look with a top hat and a vintage tuxedo.

5 Christmas Wedding

If your wedding is around Christmas time, this might be the best theme for your wedding. Don’t worry if you are bored with the usual red and green color scheme, you can make your event original with a Winter Wonderland feel to the event. White, silver and pale blue decorations and flowers can add an elegant classy touch to your Christmas wedding.

6 Vintage Wedding Theme

A vintage wedding requires an all out commitment from the couple, bridal party and guests to make it come alive. The bride should wear a Victorian gown and the groom should wear a suit from that era. Guests should be encouraged to get their costumes as well. Lace hankies and parasols can be provided to add to the theme.

7 Rock and Roll Wedding Theme

For music lovers, a rock and roll theme wedding can be a wonderful idea. The groom could possibly wear a black leather suit while the bride should wear something a little short and edgy. The music playing during the event can also really bring this theme alive.

Theme weddings are hugely successful if everyone is committed to the theme. Start with the invitations and set the mood for the event right from the beginning. If it is well orchestrated it is sure to be a memorable and enjoyable event.

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