6 Ways to Color Your Rainbow Themed Wedding ...


6 Ways to Color Your Rainbow Themed Wedding ...
6 Ways to Color Your Rainbow Themed Wedding ...

Some couples love to decorate their weddings with two beautiful contrasting colors like purpleand greenor aqua and yellow. But this post is more than just combining two colors, it's about all of the colors of the rainbow! If you love color go bright, go big, and go bold with a colorful, rainbow theme **from the cake topper to mix-matched bridesmaids walking down the aisle. Here are 6 ways for you to get **creative with color...

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Rainbow Confetti...

Rainbow Confetti... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/SierraPrint

Start your** rainbow wedding** off right by sharing colorful hints with your guests with this fun confetti invitation. Your guests may already know what a fun couple you are, but they don't know yet what an amazing experience they are going to have on your big day!


Taste the Rainbow...

Taste the Rainbow... Photo: Whisk Kid

Can you believe the wonderful colors **of this cake! Though it has been floating around the internet for a couple of years now, the smiles you will put on everyone's face will never go out of style. If you're making a DIY wedding cake **for your special day, consider this fantastic **rainbow **one for a cake cutting you'll never forget!


Colorful Lanterns...

Colorful Lanterns... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/TooShai

There are so many unique wedding ideas I've seen with just this little jar;food in a jar favors, hanging chandeliers, and **mason jar **save the dates. Now you can walk over the rainbow as you hang these **colorful lanterns **on your ceremony chairs. I can just picture the sun hitting these at the right moment and shinning a magnificent glow on the bride's gown!


Rainbow Bright Ladies...

Rainbow Bright Ladies... Photo:Stephanie Hogue Photographyvia StyleMePretty

Don't just dress your **bridesmaids **up in mix-matched dresses of the same color, bring them back to the fun days of watchingRainbow Brite and dreaming of proms, boys, and fairytale wedding days. I love how each colorful bridesmaid is also carrying a colorful coordinating bouquet to match her bright and beautiful dress. Will your ladies dress in every color of the rainbow?


Love is in the Air...

Love is in the Air... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/Bittersweetz

Colorful, quirky, and offbeat just like the awesome couple who will put this **Love cake topper **on their rainbow themed wedding cake. You don't have to go crazy with color but you can share little details that will allow your colorful personality to shine through from the walk down the aisle to your first dance at your reception. Let your true colors show.


Bright & Bold Bride...

Bright & Bold Bride... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/ElinaCreations

We have rainbow bridesmaids, a colorful wedding cake, and an invitation that will get your party started right. But don't forget about the lovely bride **who wants to show off her bold side with bright fashion accessories like this beautiful **floral necklace. Just once piece can make all the difference and make for a colorful moment.

Will there be a rainbow theme on your big day?

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We almost did rainbow theme! It's just SO hard to find EVERYTHING in EACH color. :o( Not even Oriental Trading can cater to that on our budget! We did the contrast color thing you described though with blue and yellow!

My fiance and I are doing the rainbow theme for our wedding...!!! I think when I decided on the colors it was a sign I should stick to them. Every time we decided to go shopping for anything, we found everything in every color we needed... We are on a big time budget, so, it was amazing to us that with all my ideas, places like The Dollar Trees, Dollar Shops, Oriental Trading Co., the $1.00 bins at places like Target and searching on line, led us to find everything we needed for me to complete our day and make it as perfect as I hope for! With big time help of my mom, my dad who makes wedding cakes, my best friend whos a D.J., and many other people it would take me hours to list, I am looking forward to getting married! I encourage everyone to shoot for colorful, it is easier than you think!

I like the idea of all the bridesmaids wearing different colors! And that cake is so fun. That would be great for many occasions!

That is such a fun theme and I bet it would be so cool to attend a wedding where you can snack on a rainbow cake..Yum! Hugs and kisess, sunshine

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