8 Exotic Wedding Themes Your Guests Will Love ...


8 Exotic Wedding Themes Your Guests Will Love ...
8 Exotic Wedding Themes Your Guests Will Love ...

Exotic wedding themes are the hottest trend in weddings right now. If you are a bride, typically you aren't looking for something traditional, you want something unique and different right? I know that when I get married, the exotic wedding theme that I pick out will be wild, crazy and different – just like me! Below ladies, we are going to talk about the top 8 Exotic Wedding Themes that your guests will flip out for and love!

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Alice in Wonderland Theme

The first theme is actually my favorite and who knows, when I get married I may want this one for my theme. Now, for all of you that have watched My Fair Wedding, you've seen this exotic wedding theme executed very well. Something about the magic, the wonder and the overall feel of Alice in Wonderland brings me right back to my childhood. You can do so much with this theme that your guests will love and will talk about for years to come!


Pirate Theme

Okay, I'm all for pirates; I was one for Halloween a few times and I have dressed up as a pirate for the Renaissance Festival in my town, but a wedding? You wouldn't believe how popular this theme is but ladies, there are ways to keep it classy. If you're one of the girls that is obsessed with pirates and want to do it as the theme of your wedding, there is nothing wrong with that – but keep the fake netting and paper pirate hats off of your guests. This theme can be done right if you class it up a bit!


Fairy Theme

Lord of the Rings – take me now! This exotic wedding theme has been popping up everywhere! Not only are the brides getting a little wild with the fairy theme, but the guests are just as bad! Wings, tiaras, woody venues and even tunics are all things that are showing up in this very medieval type of wedding. The best part about this theme is that honestly, there are so many ways to do it: wood fairy, LOTR elf fairy, Tinkerbell fairy – all different!


Star Wars Theme

So I have honest to goodness have never seen the Star Wars movie (I am not a big syfy chick) but just looking up Star Wars themed weddings, I feel like I have seen the movie! Brides have decked themselves out in Princess Leia buns and sparkling white dresses and the grooms are dressing up as their favorite Star Wars characters (minus Luke because isn't that her brother?). If you are a Star Wars fanatic, this is the wedding theme for you but please, please – don't make your guests dress up!


Murder Mystery Theme

I love, love, love exotic wedding themes that actually have the guests interact too. The murder mystery wedding theme is super popular nowadays because it's fun, interactive and seriously memorable! Most of the time, the bride and groom won't tell their guests what type of wedding they are going to until the game starts. It's fun, unique and dude, someone gets murdered!! What could be better than that for a wedding?


Country Theme

While most brides are not looking for something that is traditional, there are still brides out there that want something traditional with their own spin on it. That's what this theme is all about. Think about it, a country theme could mean any number of things. For me, it means something old school, a little toned down, a little less glam and more about the meaning of a wedding. Mismatched chairs, daisy bunches instead of roses and glass jars for cups rather than wine glasses. This type of wedding theme you can make all your own!


Beach Theme

Like you probably already know, I live in New England. New England and basically the entire east coast is all about beaches (because they are crazy!). I'm not, I actually hate the beach – everything from the seagulls all the way to the sunburns that I always seem to get. A wedding on a beach though that is another story. I absolutely adore beach weddings because they are typically breathtakingly beautiful. Not only is there something to be said about flower petals being spread all over sand and a barefoot bride and groom.


Autumn Theme

One of my favorite times of year is fall. Autumn is such a magical time of year when the season is changing from boiling hot to cooler temperatures. The cooler temperatures make for great outdoor weddings and there are so many different ways that you can incorporate this season into your wedding. Not only can you use the splashes of reds and brilliant oranges in your wedding but leaves make great centerpieces!

So ladies, what do you think? Now that the wedding season is fully underway, will any of these be your ideal exotic wedding theme? Alice in Wonderland is my favorite, what about yours; do you have any that you have seen that I should add to the list? Come on girls, give me some more Exotic Wedding Themes that you loved attending!

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These all sound so great but I especially think the Autumn one would be great for a Fall bride.

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