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8 Wedding Cake Ideas Your Guests Will Love ...

By Heather

Wedding Cake Ideas are constantly changing, constantly evolving and constantly shifting. To me, the wedding cake is by far the most important aspect of the wedding (yanno, besides the dress, invitations and theme). Nowadays, wedding cake ideas can be as outlandish and strange as possible and people will still buy into it! Below, I'm going to talk about 8 different wedding cake ideas that should make your wedding stand out among the rest!

1 Cupcakes

CupcakesIf you are one that keeps up on wedding cake ideas trends, you may notice that cupcakes are super popular! My brother actually is one of the few weddings I've been at where cupcakes were the wedding cake. It's a unique and different idea and the best part? You can get different cupcake flavors so you can make all of your guests happy!

2 White on White

White on WhiteBy far, white on white wedding cakes are the most popular cakes out there, but there are wedding cake ideas that can incorporate white on white in a different way. How about doing something lace or a striped white on white pattern? With so many different shades of white, you should be able to find all different ways to make the white on white method your own!


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3 Striped & Classy

Striped & ClassyI adore wedding cakes that offer something different to the guest. Striped wedding cakes are a great way to incorporate a few different colors and even brighten up a wedding! Stripes are also a great way to tie in a theme of some kind. For me, hot pink and black stripes will do just fine for my wedding – that's classy right?

4 Floral & Fun

Floral & FunI love, love flowers on a wedding cake. No, not the hard flowers that you get on a Dairy Queen wedding cake, but actual gum paste flowers that are made to look like the exact flowers in a garden. I am obsessed with shows like Amazing Wedding Cake and the Cake Girls in Chicago do an awesome job doing things like gum paste flowers and taking unique wedding cake ideas and transforming them into something beautiful.

5 Fashion Forward

Fashion ForwardWeddings nowadays are not boring. They are themed, they are fashionable and they are not at all dull. Your wedding cake should represent all of that! You want a cake that is fashionable, unique and different looking. Throw some pearls on there, fashion a corset complete with ruffles – these are just a few examples of what a fashion-forward cake would look like for the ideal fashionista bride!

6 White on Black

White on BlackImagine a completely black cake that was piped or lined in stark white? How unique would that look? That's a new fashion trend in wedding cakes that is catching on quite quickly. Check out the cake at the next wedding you're at – I can almost promise that it will be white on black instead of black on white!

7 Ribbons Galore

Ribbons GaloreWhether it is a bow or a ribbon just around the base of the cake to add in a bit of flare and color to the bottom, ribbons are a trend that I don't think will ever go away. Ribbons are a great way to really tie in some colors to a normally all white cake. You could add in the theme of the wedding's colors or even just some colors that mean a lot to the bride and groom!

8 Individual Wedding Cakes

Individual Wedding CakesUnlike cupcakes, these are actually individual wedding cakes. Not only are the cakes typically two-tiered but they are actually cakes that are all decorated exactly the same. I like individual wedding cakes, I think they are elegant and classy – but make sure your baker will do them; they are quite a pain in the rear to manage.

With all of the different wedding cake ideas out there, it can be hard to choose the one that suits your wedding. Picking out the right wedding cake ideas that fit into your wedding should be a fun experience though, especially with all of the different choices out there! What types of wedding cake designs do you like best?

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