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6 Classic Wedding Gift Ideas You Can't Go Wrong with ...

By Diana

With bridal registries, honeymoon registries, bridal showers, and wedding receptions, it can be difficult for guests to decide what they would like to get for the newlyweds. If you get them a bridal shower gift, than what do you give them on their big day and if you don't go to the bridal shower, do you give them a gift and cash on their wedding day? To help you cut down on the confusion, here are 6 Classic Wedding Gift Ideas You Can't Go Wrong With...

1 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Kitchen...

Wedding Gift Ideas for the Kitchen...Photo Credit: BedBathandBeyond

It's always a good idea to go with something for the kitchen when you have a couple who love to cook. Think of what you know about them; do they like to bake, host big dinner parties, do they love wine or talk about having a bar in their home, or maybe they would like to take a cooking class together. Getting a wedding gift for the newlywed's kitchenis an idea you can't go wrong with even if they are just getting into baking and cooking, help them along their way and they will never forget that you got them the slow-cooker or the kitchen-aid they always wanted!

2 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bedroom...

Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bedroom...Photo Credit: BedBathandBeyond

If the newlyweds are just moving in together or buying their first home there are a lot of things they are going to need. They will want to decorateand design their new home together and most couples like to start in the bedroom. But bed comforters and sheet sets can be expensive, so it's nice when relatives can get together to buy a wedding gift the newlyweds might not be able to afford.

3 Home Decor Wedding Gift Ideas...

Home Decor Wedding Gift Ideas...Photo Credit: BedBathandBeyond

Besides decorating the bedroom, the bride and groom will also want to decorate the rest of the home with personal touches. Frames, wall decor and display shelves are classic wedding gift ideas that are simple and enjoyable, especially when they get to look at their special day and remember the wonderful memories that were made.
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4 Honeymoon Wedding Gift Ideas...

Honeymoon Wedding Gift Ideas...Photo Credit:TurtleFigi

After the wedding comes the honeymoon, which some may not think about when considering the wedding gift, but it's always a great idea to help the newlyweds in any way you can. Surprise the sweet couple by calling ahead to their hotel and order room service or a candle light dinner for two as you wish them lots of romanceon their honeymoon! You can also surprise the bride and groom with gift certificates to water sports, boat tours, horseback riding, or any other fun activity they might enjoy during their honeymoon. Ask their parents or close friends where they are staying and what they might like to do if you aren't sure.

5 Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas...

Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas...Photo: MarthaStewart

Now that the bride has a new last name she wants to share it with everyone and show her excitement in everything she does. What's a better way for her to show the love of her new last name than with** monogrammed decor** in her home! Personalized decoris another wedding gift you can't go wrong with; a frame with their names and wedding date, towels with their initals, a framed photo of their wedding ceremony, monogrammed wine glasses, or anything that will remind them of the love they share will be cherished for eternity.

6 Cash Wedding Gift...

Cash Wedding Gift...Photo Credit:BrideORama

If you are still struggling with what wedding gift to get them off the registry, just remember you can never go wrong with cash! Some might think it's a tacky gift, but what might be more tacky is giving the couple a gift that's not on their registry that they won't like or will end of taking back to the store. Cash is something the newlyweds will appreciate since they are just starting out and have a honeymoon or a new home to pay for.

The bride and groom aren't inviting you to their wedding for the gifts, if they are than they need to rethink getting married! Times are tough for many people right now and if buying a gift for the bridal shower, wedding, or honeymoon is something you can't afford don't stress yourself out. These are just tips for those who need wedding gift ideas and if you can only give one gift during the bridal showeror would rather just give them something small on their wedding day, it's your choice to make. This is a celebration of love and family, not of money and gifts, so enjoy yourself and help the bride and groom celebrate.

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