Practical Wedding Gifts Your Friend Will Actually Appreciate ...


Haven't yet decided what gift to give dear cousin Jane and her soon-to-be husband on their wedding? Perhaps you can worry less about the gifting part (so you can focus on looking for smashing attire) as we share to you some practical wedding gift suggestions from women who have been down that aisle...

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Pots and Pans

Pots and Pans Getting married is synonymous to building a home and what's a home without a kitchen? Anna, who's married for five years now, said her grandmother gave her pots and pans as wedding gifts, which she did not expect but turned out to be useful in their life as a couple. "Buying pots and pans did not cross our minds and so receiving those as gifts was a reminder that we do need to work on our kitchen," she shared. Thank God for grandmothers!


Gift Cards from the Dollar Store

Wedding registries are common these days and Target is right up there in the list of common places where couples sign up for gifting purposes. But what could be more affordable and exciting than shopping at the Dollar Store? "Household items are sold there and we do need those items as we start a new chapter in our life as a married couple, " said Andrea.


Overnight Stay at a Hotel

Whether they use this on the night of their wedding or have this on "reserve" for future use, an overnight stay at a hotel is always a great gesture of thoughtfulness from the giver to the receiver. There's a comforting feeling about not having to make up your own bed, not to mention the convenience of ordering room service and calling in the hotel's spa for the much needed back rub.


Buffet Dinner for Two

Buffet Dinner for Two "I was too busy making sure that all our guests were well nourished that I barely touched my soup and skipped the main course during our wedding," admitted Arianne, a lawyer by profession. So when her sister gave her a gift certificate for a "buffet dinner for two," she was grinning and couldn't contain her excitement. "I wanted to relive that moment in my wedding when there were just incredible amounts of food. But this time, I will only be thinking about me and my belly," she shared.


Gas Card for That Couple Road Trip

Gas Card for That Couple Road Trip Most newly married couples have the luxury of time to jump in their car and just drive around to explore new places. "A gas card is a great practical gift for planned and spontaneous road trips," said Athena, married to Mark for three years. Take your time on these trips, dears! You'll be singing a different tune once the children arrive.


Movie Passes

Sure, there's Netflix and a whole batch of companies offering the same service. But nothing beats the big screen and comfortable chairs while you're munching on your popcorn and sipping on your soft drinks. "Good, old fashioned way of viewing movies is still the best way to enjoy movies - and it's best experienced with the love of your life by your side," shared Jessa.


Bedsheets and Other Bedroom Essentials

Bedsheets and Other Bedroom Essentials Newly married couples normally spend a considerable amount of time in their bedrooms so gifting them with bedsheets and other bedroom essentials, such as a lampshade or even a nightlight is thoughtful but practical. Fresh bedsheets and new pillowcases encourage the mood for bedroom activity. "My sister gave me a three-month supply of potpourri and some incense sticks. These set the mood for relaxation after a long day," said Marnie.

What other practical gifts can we add to this list?

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