7 DIY Gifts for a Bride and Groom ...


7 DIY Gifts for a Bride and Groom ...
7 DIY Gifts for a Bride and Groom ...

Wedding gifts can be pretty expensive. So why spend so much money on another pair of dishes or towels when you can make your own unique gift? Homemade gifts have much more meaning behind them and the couple will be sure to appreciate the time that you took to create something special for them. So here are some easy DIY gifts that will "wow" any bride and groom and won’t break your budget.

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Shadowboxes are so simple yet can be so elegant. For a wedding gift, include some pictures of the bride and groom from the wedding and their childhood, the invitation and RSVP to the wedding, and any other important items from the wedding. It is a great way to capture all of the memories from the wedding.


Mason Jar with Wedding Photo

A Mason jar may seem like a weird gift but it can be quite beautiful. Place a picture of the bride and groom's first dance into a mason jar and fill it with olive oil to put a sepia-like view on the picture. You can also do this with pictures from the bride and groom's childhood, when they first started dating, and any other memorable photos from their past.


Canvas with First Dance Lyrics

A couple’s first dance is one of the most memorable dances they will have together. Commemorate that special time together by putting lyrics from their song onto canvas for the couple to hang in their new home. Put Mod Podge all over the canvas and place the lyrics on top then place another layer of Mod Podge over top of the lyrics. You can try to fit all of the lyrics onto one canvas or use multiple canvases for a bigger effect.


Personalized His and Hers Wine Glasses

This is a gift you can give to the couple prior to their wedding so they can use them on the actual day. You can paint the wine glasses with regular paint or use chalkboard paint and let them personalize it themselves. Try decorating the base of the glass or use stencils and frosted glass spray to create a unique look on the bowl of the glass.


Personalized Map

Couples come from all over the country and what better way to celebrate their past and their future together than putting together a unique map. Cut out their hometowns from a map in the shape of a heart. Then cut out where they live now from another map in the shape of a heart as well. Tie a string from all of their hometowns to where they live now and frame it all together. It is a nice reminder that their past lives are intertwined with their future.



A scrapbook may seem a little casual for a wedding gift, but it can be a classy and meaningful gift if done properly. The first few pages can be memories from when the couple first started dating, such as tickets to a concert they saw. The other pages can be photos from the wedding such as the first kiss, first dance, and other memorable photos. Leave the last few pages blank as a reminder to the couple that their lives together are just starting out, and that they will have so many more memories to put into the scrapbook.


Personalized Tile Coasters

Coasters are something a couple will use all the time once they are married and it will be a constant reminder of the love they felt at their wedding. Start with small tiles, Polaroid sized pictures, and some Mod Podge. Cover one side of the tiles in Mod Podge and place the picture on top. Then put another layer of Mod Podge on top, and voila you’re done. Tie them together with a decorative ribbon and you’ve got yourself a fast, easy, and memorable wedding gift.

What do you think of these DIY wedding gifts? What memorable wedding gifts have you received? What other ideas for DIY wedding gifts do you have?

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For my cousin's wedding they had mason jars on top of a wine glass stand (like the bottom of a wine glass) as the wine glasses for the bride and groom, it was so cute!

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