8 Interesting Bridal Shower Gifts for a Bride ...


8 Interesting Bridal Shower Gifts for a Bride ...
8 Interesting Bridal Shower Gifts for a Bride ...

Choosing a bridal shower gift can be a tricky task especially if you are close to the bride. If you don’t know the couple too well, it is best to go by the registry. However if you are close to them, particularly the bride, you might want to get something that is personal, representative of how well you know each other and something that she will definitely appreciate. Here are 8 interesting bridal shower gifts for a bride.

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A Spa Voucher

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During the course of the wedding preparation, your friend the bride could probably use some much needed spoiling and relaxing. Perhaps after the wedding, she might want to recover from all the hard work with a rejuvenating spa weekend. Those are just two of the reasons why spa vouchers are excellent bridal shower gifts for a bride.


Personalized Luggage Set

A bride will probably have to travel, either to her new home or even on her honeymoon. For her travels she will greatly appreciate a monogrammed luggage set with her new initials (if she’s changing her name) on the front. It can be an extremely thoughtful and long lasting gift idea.


A Personalized Scrapbook, Diary or Photo Album

If your friend the bride is inclined towards recording and storing details about her life, then presenting her with a scrapbook, diary or photo album in which she can record details about the wedding, honeymoon or first years of married life can be a wonderful gesture.


Honeymoon Related Gift

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If the bridal couple knows where they are going for their honeymoon, you can put together a gift basket filled with items she could use on her honeymoon. For example if she is going for a beach vacation, you can throw in a couple of bikinis, some sunscreen, a sarong and a pair of chic sunglasses.


A Watch with Her Initials Engraved on It

A beautiful well-made ladies watch with the bride’s initials engraved on it is a warm and intimate gift to present if you are particularly close to her. Essentially you are providing her with a long lasting keepsake of your friendship, one that she will truly treasure as she embarks on her new life with her husband.


A Jewelry Box or Jewelry Tree

A well-crafted jewelry box or intricate jewelry tree is another wonderful and personal gift to present to a bride during her bridal shower. She can place it on her dresser or bedside table and use it to store all her favorite jewelry. Adding her initials somewhere on it can be an added touch.


Donation to Her Favorite Charity


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There are some women who don’t really care for relaxing spa weekends or sentimental gifts. If the bride you are shopping for falls into this category, it can be particularly difficult giving her meaningful gift. However if she is inclined towards a particular cause or charity, donating a sum to this organization can be an excellent gift idea, one that she will surely appreciate.


A Girls Night out Voucher

Reminding your girlfriend that she is still young and fun by presenting her with a girl’s night out voucher, which she can redeem after the wedding, is another thoughtful and appealing gift.

Presenting a close friend with a bridal shower gift requires careful thought and preparation. Only you will know what she will really appreciate, so hopefully one of the items on this list will appeal to her.

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I bought one of my best friends a silky robe that was on sale at Macy's. I picked it out just for her and she ended up using it on her wedding day

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