8 Presents for a Bride-to-Be ...


8 Presents for a Bride-to-Be ...
8 Presents for a Bride-to-Be ...

Choosing presents for a bride-to-be can be kind of tricky sometimes, especially if she’s a really good friend of yours or if you don’t want to go with standard cookware/silverware wedding stuff. Yup, we often wonder how much is too much, how personal might be interpreted as too personal and there’s always a little thing like limited budget to keep our neurons working overtime. Well, here are 8 great presents for a bride-to-be, presents that go from too personal to almost traditionally non personal, presents ranging from $5 to $70!

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Tying the Knot: the Complete Wedding Organizer

Tying the Knot: the Complete Wedding Organizer Price: $29.95 at gifts.barnesandnoble.com
If the timing is right, this might be one of the most useful presents for a bride-to-be so, be sure to ask her how are preparations going and, if she tells you she has troubles keeping her wedding stuff organized, go for it. I’d, personally, love something like this but, that just might be my need to get the wedding plans started, talking.


Glint White 8x10 Picture Frame

Glint White 8x10 Picture Frame Price: $29.95 at gifts.barnesandnoble.com
Elegant, white picture frame for her favorite wedding photo – Now isn’t this a great present? Think about it again and ask yourself this, “If I were the bride, wouldn’t I want as many of my favorite wedding photos framed and where I can see them?” I bet the answer is, “Yes”! So, as you see, she’ll definitely appreciate a thing she can use, plus she’ll always remember her moment as well as the person whose gift made it so out there, where she can look at it and remember it now and for years to come.


New Hudson Sunset Wine Carrier

New Hudson Sunset Wine Carrier Price: $39.95 at gifts.barnesandnoble.com
They might go to a luxurious tropical honeymoon, opt for an up-scale countryside one or disappear for a week of outdoorsy laid back activities. Whichever their choice is, they will sure want to have a romantic evening outside the hotel and this practical set is not only one of the perfect presents for a bride-to-be, but also one the groom will appreciate too.


Good Luck Elephant Necklace

Good Luck Elephant Necklace Price: $45.95 at gifts.barnesandnoble.com
They say luck has nothing to do with it but, when it comes to weddings and happily ever afters, we all tend to get a bit traditionally superstitious. Your special girl could definitely use a good luck charm, if for nothing else than at least to help the things run smoothly. This one even has a little card explaining the meaning of an elephant charm and the amount of luck people believe it brings the wearer. Totally cute!


Ivory Lace Babydoll Slip

Ivory Lace Babydoll Slip Price: $70.00 at us.topshop.com
White, bridal lingerie is always welcome so, if you want to buy something personal other than jewelry, definitely take a look at this one. She’ll definitely use it, if not for the first wedding night, then for her honeymoon. If you’re a sister, close friend or a close cousin, you’d certainly enjoy giving your beloved bride-to-be something she’ll like, something that will give her a big confidence boost and help her marriage start with a lot of passion and sweet teasing.


Navy Leafy Lace Suspender Belt

Navy Leafy Lace Suspender Belt Price: $16.00 at us.topshop.com
Here’s something for all you gals who like the idea of giving lingerie but hate the fact that everything has to be so darn white. Yup, I totally agree with you, with all that whiteness, I’d definitely want my first-wedding night lingerie a bit spicier. That’s why I’m adding this sexy suspender belt to my list of great presents for a bride-to-be and I really hope you’ll like it as much as I do.


Sexy Maid Costume

Sexy Maid Costume Price: $40.00 at walmart.com
Oh-la-la! Strike what I’ve just said – Can somebody buy me this? Seriously? Can I open a wedding registry in a sexy costume shop? I totally love these and I believe they are always welcome in a relationship – now, in 10 years and hopefully in 25 (providing that I’d still be frisky and up for the challenge at the age of 50). A sexy costume is a must have so, if she’s too shy to get it herself, you can be the one to break the ice.


Redbook’s 500 Great Dates: Creative, Fun and Sexy Ways to Spend Time Together

Redbook’s 500 Great Dates: Creative, Fun and Sexy Ways to Spend Time Together Price: $5.12 at walmart.com
I’m sure the happy couple has plenty of ideas on how to spend their time now, but would they feel the same in 2 or 5 years? Thankfully, you’ll be the one to do all the thinking for them by obtaining this book for your bride-to-be. We don’t want them to get stuck in the rut, don’t we? Well, don’t worry because they won’t!

Hope you liked these ideas and I especially hope they’ve made somebody figure out which type of presents for a bride-to-be to look for. But, tell me, is there a thing on this list that made you wish you were a bride-to-be in question or hope some of your bridesmaids would read this article?

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Very creative ideas! I love that cute babydoll slip. It is soo pretty!

Love that wine carrier! A close friend of mine just got engaged and a few of us bought her a Waterford ring holder and the Real Simple wedding magazine. It's always hard to find an affordable yet personal gift :)

That wine carrier is LEGIT! What a great gift idea!

Fabulous ideas! I'm loving #1 and #3! Have a delightful weekend, Kellie xx

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