8 Presents for a Bride-to-Be ...

Choosing presents for a bride-to-be can be kind of tricky sometimes, especially if she’s a really good friend of yours or if you don’t want to go with standard cookware/silverware wedding stuff. Yup, we often wonder how much is too much, how personal might be interpreted as too personal and there’s always a little thing like limited budget to keep our neurons working overtime. Well, here are 8 great presents for a bride-to-be, presents that go from too personal to almost traditionally non personal, presents ranging from $5 to $70!

1. Tying the Knot: the Complete Wedding Organizer

Price: $29.95 at gifts.barnesandnoble.com
If the timing is right, this might be one of the most useful presents for a bride-to-be so, be sure to ask her how are preparations going and, if she tells you she has troubles keeping her wedding stuff organized, go for it. I’d, personally, love something like this but, that just might be my need to get the wedding plans started, talking.