5 Etsy Wedding Finds for the Non-DIY Bride ...


5 Etsy Wedding Finds for the Non-DIY Bride ...
5 Etsy Wedding Finds for the Non-DIY Bride ...

There are so many DIY wedding posts and blogs that make all of those adorable projects look so easy. If you have tried to sew a million little hearts, cut out tons of flowers, or glued together tiny buttons and have just failed with no win, don't fear you're in luck. Here are 5 Etsy Finds for the Non-DIY Bride...

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I Heart Paper Garlands...

I Heart Paper Garlands... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/PaperPolaroid
Price: $18.00

Paper from books, newspapers, and scrapbooking have shown up all over the wedding blogs in form of bouquets, centerpieces, banners, and even for cake toppers. You may be crafty and can pull out those creative skills for those projects, but if you're like me, a non-DIY bride, then head on over to Etsyfor this beautiful** paper heart garland** that would look romantic and sweet over your dessert table.


Hearts Full of Yarn...

Hearts Full of Yarn... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/hemccoy
Price: $32.00

I saw theseDIY yarn wreathson every home and garden blog over the holidays and really wanted to make one for our front door, but never did! We get so busy, brides especially, and there just isn't enough time for all of the ideas we want to create. Don't let time run out before your big day, instead of DIY all of your wedding details check out Etsyand other stores for premade crafts to lighten your heavy bridal load.


Top off Your Cake...

Top off Your Cake... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/TheBestPaperSupplies
Price: $8.50

Sometimes it's the** simple little details** that make your wedding pop like these adorable LOVE** cupcake toppers** from Etsy. These look like they would be simple to make but maybe you're having 200 guests, so that means you would need to make 200 little cupcake toppers! That might be a projectyou may want to skip to let someone else handle the stress of it.


Hearts in Your Hair...

Hearts in Your Hair... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/uffdadesigns
Price: $18.00

Many brides may find it too expensive to purchase a beautiful bridal headband or too difficult to make their own. There are stunning big floral headbands, glitter and crystal headbands, and metallic ones that just seem overpriced or tough to make. Find something more low key like this adorable heart felt bandthat would save you time and money from making your own or buying something too expensive. You don't need glitter to be bridal!


I Adore This Pillow...

I Adore This Pillow... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/LilliansGarden
Price: $38.00

This little** heart ring pillow** is just the sweetest thing I've seen and how cute would the ring bearer look as he carries this down the aisle! Ring pillows are another big DIY project that many brides are creating, but when you see pillows like this one on Etsyyou can't help but to be a Non-DIY bride!

**Where did you find your Non-DIY wedding items? **

Top Photo: Etsy.com/shop/Atcompanyb

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Hey Shawna! I love the heart garland, isn't that just adorable and creative! :)

I too love the heart garland it's super cute!

All of these ideas are soo cute! I love them all! I would like to try making a heart garland like that one.

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