A Tropical Honeymoon in Jamaica Guest Blogger Alicia the Charity Wedding ...


A Tropical Honeymoon in Jamaica Guest Blogger Alicia  the Charity Wedding ...
A Tropical Honeymoon in Jamaica Guest Blogger Alicia  the Charity Wedding ...

So happy to be continuing with our honeymoon guest post today and do we have another great one for you! Alicia from The Charity Wedding blog is yet another wonderful person I have met in the wedding industry who has a warm heart, beautiful smile, and loves to help out. Enjoy the tropical paradise her and her husband experienced on their honeymoon and learn why you may want to book a flight to Jamaica for your honeymoon...

Hello Lovelies! I am so excited Diana asked me to share all my honeymoon details with you! While it has only been a few months since we took the trip, it feels like forever ago so it is nice to relive it again! Before I get into my favorite parts of our destination, I thought I'd give you some "in general" honeymoon advice. First -** use a travel agent** especially if traveling internationally. It will cost you nothing and it will give you a lot of peace of mind! Plus they can likely get better deals than you can find on your own. Ours did everything for us and it was nice not to have to worry about a thing! Secondly, we delayed our honeymoon about a month which was a** GREAT decision**. Weddings are a crazy whirlwind and it was nice to have time to relax and settle back down into life before the trip. We met several couples who left right after their wedding, like the next day, and they were so tired the first few days. In addition, they said they felt bad they didn't get to spend more time with their family and friends especially those who travelled to be at their wedding. In addition, it prolonged all that wedding excitement a little bit longer which is nice because you only do it once and the actual wedding goes by so fast! Oh and if you go somewhere with water-** invest in a water proof camera** or borrow one! Kyle and I settled on Ocho Rios, Jamaica as our destination of choice because we could get a non-stop flight, travel time was relatively short, and it had gorgeous beaches! 5 Reasons we would go back include:

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Sandals- an All-Inclusive Resort:

Sandals- an All-Inclusive Resort: {We got to enjoy breakfast on the patio in front of our private pool each morning! It was heavenly! Did I mention that all this was included?!}

I'd like to say they are paying me to tell you this, but it's not true. We loved it so much, I am telling you with no incentives whatsoever! We've stayed at other** all-inclusive resorts** in the past and this was by far the nicest and best. In general, I would highly recommend an all inclusive anyway especially for a honeymoon where you should just relax and not worry about what to eat or how much cocktails cost! Sandals has several restaurants, multiple bars, a strict no tipping policy (yep, you don't have to have cash ever) and the accommodations are beautiful. They have activities on site so you don't ever have to leave if you don't want to. It is couples only which meant it was quiet with no splashing kids at the pool! We are already planning our next Sandalsvacation!


The People...

The People... {We had a Butler (another Sandals perk)! This is Anna- the day butler. The Butler books any excursions, sets up your beach chair, brings you room service, basically anything you want, they do it. It was amazing!}
The People... I have never met a nicer, more laid back group of people than the citizens of Jamaica. They are live in incredibly poor conditions and don't have much, but they are generous, kind, hilarious, and just happy. Now of course hotel employees are supposed to be nice but they were even nice to each other and it just always felt so genuine. We truly fell in love with the people of Jamaica and would go back for that reason alone.


The Beaches...

The Beaches... Obviously! White sand, warm, blue water and plenty of sun! Plus the beach bar was literally just a few steps away from our beach chairs! The Ocho Rios Resorthas a pretty small beach compared with other Sandalslocations so I think we would definitely opt to go to a different one next time but this one was still gorgeous.


The CountrySide...

The CountrySide... Although I just said we would go to a different city next time due to the small beach at the resort, I am also really glad we went to Ocho Rios and would still recommend it. The reason is that it is close to a lot of attractions and you have the opportunity to go up into the mountains of Jamaica and see how people really live there if you want to. Some cities in Jamaica are very isolated and if you want to leave the resort, it will likely take an hour or so. We did a tour of the country side and made a stop at Dunn's River Falls. Getting to see the country was our favorite part.


Have Fun & Relax...


The ability to relax and just have fun with my new husband! Jamaicans are all about kicking back and having a good time and we loved that. We loved not being on a schedule, we loved eating whatever we want, whenever we wanted (I gained 8 pounds-no joke), we loved sitting in the bar at night for hours drinking martinis and chatting with other guests, and we loved just having fun together! It really was amazing to never have to leave the resort and know once you were there, everything was paid for. We could eat as lavishly as we wanted or we could eat hot dogs, it didn't matter. I would save those site seeing vacations for another time and just go somewhere to relax, where everything is taken care of!
Have Fun & Relax... Maybe you'll find yourself in Jamaica for your honeymoon!

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Very stunning photos! I am now looking for jamaica wedding planner coz I want my wedding in a Rastafarian theme.

Very stunning photos! I am now looking for Jamaica wedding planner coz I want my wedding in a Rastafarian theme.

It looks like we better plan a wedding bloggers vacay! I am missing that beach!

that water slide pic is awesome!!! that sounds amazing...i'm so ready for another tropical vacay!

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