DIY Wedding Ideas on a Budget Guest Blogger Poppies Sunshine ...


DIY Wedding Ideas on a Budget Guest Blogger Poppies  Sunshine ...
DIY Wedding Ideas on a Budget Guest Blogger Poppies  Sunshine ...

Hello everyone! This is Shawna from Poppies and Sunshine and I am so excited to be guest posting here thanks to Diana! What a wonderful lady you are! :) Here are some of my favorite DIY wedding reception ideas. They not only look fantastic, but are also inexpensive, so you are saving yourself money, which is always an important factor when planning a wedding!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Mix & Match...

Mix & Match... image
Mix & Match... image

I love creating a mix-matched look, which can give a wedding reception a real vintage charm. One of the ways to achieve this look is to use vintage plates. Borrow some from a grandparent, parent, friends, or buy some at a thrift store very inexpensively.



Burlap... image

Use burlap for an inexpensive table runner that is simple and rustic, yet elegant.



Teacups image
Teacups make great centerpieces. And, of course, they don't have to be matching, so borrow some or buy them at a thrift store.


Candle Holders...

Candle Holders... image

Use candle holders of different sizes and colors for centerpieces. Again, these could be borrowed or found at a thrift store inexpensively.


Old Bottles & Jars...

Old Bottles & Jars... image
Old Bottles & Jars... image
Old bottles and jars can be saved from your kitchen with the labels peeled off and used for pretty and simple vases.


Potted Plants...

Potted Plants... image

Potted plants can be used as centerpieces and can double as favors to give out to guests. Plants can range from houseplants, flowers, or herbs.



Chairs... image

Create the mix-matched look again by collecting and borrowing different looking chairs.


Hanging Vases...

Hanging Vases... image

Using jars as hanging vases is great for an outdoor reception. Just tie raffia or twine securely around the jar and hang.



Photographs... image
Filling jars with old photographs of loved ones adds a sentimental and vintage touch to any area of your reception. One great location for these is placing them near the guest book.



Hearts... image

Let guests know where they are sitting with some love. Cut hearts out, write the name of the guest and what table they are sitting at, and attach to twine with a clothespin.


Napkin Bows...

Napkin Bows... image

Make bows out of napkins by attaching a strip of paper around the center of a folded napkin.


Picture Frames...

Picture Frames... image

Hang empty picture frames from trees for a unique setting for guests to take photos at. Empty frames can be found very inexpensively at thrift stores.


Tissue Paper...

Tissue Paper... image

Make tissue paper pom poms and hang from trees for a magical look. Learn how to make these pom poms here! They are very easy and fast to make.


Dessert Table...

Dessert Table... image

Have a dessert table as an alternative to putting a lot of money into a big cake or have a dessert table instead of a meal for an earlier daytime wedding reception. Apothecary jars are great for displaying different kinds of candies in coordinating colors to match your wedding. And these jars can be used as décor in your home after.


Drink Table...

Drink Table... image

Have a table just for drinks. For example, a summertime wedding could have lemonade, iced tea, punches, and water. A great background to a table like this is to hang a tapestry for that added vintage look.


Down the Aisle...

Down the Aisle... image

Use lemons to line the chairs at an outdoor wedding.



Bowls... image

A bowl filled with lemons tied with ribbons can be an elegant decoration as a centerpiece for guest tables or food table.

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Your ideas are sooo good! I esp love the mixing and matching!

this table scape makes me happy. :)

Hi Keishua! I love the tea cups too, one of my favorite! Check out our other post on tea cups too! Thanks for visiting our blog! :)

I adore these ideas. Dreamy and beautiful!

Hey Jennifer! So happy you found Shawna's guest post, thank you for leaving a comment and visiting our blog! :)

Great ideas Shawna!

Hi Paper Moss! Thank you for visiting our blog! :) Shawna has some wonderful DIY ideas!

Hi Stacey, Annie, and Jody! So glad you ladies came to Wedding.Allwomenstalk to check out Shawna's guest post! She has some great friends! We hope you'll come back to visit our other posts. Have a great week!

Hi nice to meet you, Jody here. Love the mixing and matching, so natural and interesting.

Hi Ladies! Thanks for visiting our wedding blog, glad you loved Shawna's ideas as much as we do! :) Please come back to visit us.

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