7 Extremely Important Things to do 24 Hours before Your Big Day ...


7 Extremely Important Things to do 24 Hours before Your Big Day ...
7 Extremely Important Things to do 24 Hours before Your Big Day ...

With so many Things To Do Before The Wedding and so many numbers to call, invitations to send and people to organize, any bride might feel a bit strange or out of place 24 hours before the big event! What do to now that you finally have nothing to do? Fear not as there are plenty of things to do before the wedding day that aren’t stressful or tiring! So, if you’re one of those brides who like to keep everything under control and you’re getting a bit worried thinking that you’ll eventually run out of things to do before the wedding day, here are some ideas on how to handle the last 24 hours:

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Check Your Wedding Dress

Fitted, ironed and steamed- your dress is ready for the big day! It might be a good idea to carefully inspect it one more time - after all, unlike your groom; you are allowed to see your wedding dress before the wedding! Every bride knows that a tiny stain, a missing bead or a poorly ironed train could ruin her mood and each one of them is afraid that trying to fix that in a hurry might cause an even bigger damage. So? Why risk a potential disaster when you can put an end to it all today? Plus, you’ll sleep a whole lot better knowing that you have everything covered.


Put Together an Emergency Kit

Bobby pins, band-aids, safety pins, a needle and some thread, purse-sized can of hairspray, baby wipes, cotton wipes and everything else that you might need during your wedding day should be packed in a makeup pouch and handed over to one of your bridesmaids. Assembling your first aid kit is one of the things to do before the wedding, not only because these last 24 hours should be used for finishing touches but also because your emergency kit might get lost or be forgotten if you choose to make it months in advance.


Call Your Suppliers One More Time

Yes, I know – Your suppliers might be sick and tired of you by now but, hey, it’s not like you’ll have to keep in touch once the wedding is over. So, call them all once again just to confirm that everything is going according to schedule. This is not one of the crucial things to do before the wedding because problems rarely occur so late, although most brides prefer last minute check-ups pointing out that re-assuring yourself that everything will run smoothly is a big stress-relief.


Give Your Shoes a “Test Drive”

Most brides both buy and break in their shoes months before the wedding but, since last minute changes of plans (read: last minute purchases) aren’t one of those things you can plan, there might be one more thing left for you to do before the big day. Put on your cotton socks and wear your shoes whenever you get the chance to during this day in order to loosen them up and make them super comfy for your wedding day!


Meet with Your Bridesmaids

The final girl meeting is one of the things to do before the wedding day, just to make sure you’re all on the same page. Go through the ceremony and their duties one more time and stress that you won’t tolerate tardiness or inappropriate behavior (we all have at least one friend that is always late and tends to act “funny” around alcohol – right?). This little last-minute meeting might be a good time to ask one of them to take and guard your first aid kit, too! Once you’re done discussing wedding-things things, use the rest of your free time to have fun and remember all the good stuff you’ve shared during the years.


Spend Time with Your Family

You might be too busy to have breakfast, dinner and lunch with your closest family but you should definitely sit down and spend an hour or two with them. Bring out old photo albums and have fun looking at the photos and remembering all those beautiful moments you’ve shared in the past. Your mom might cry, you might also feel the tears coming up but, hey, those are tears of joy! Reassure them that you’ll get to see each other often, that they are always welcome, that they will always be your family and that they won’t be losing their daughter tomorrow but getting a son instead.


Do Something Relaxing

A massage, a facial, a scented bubble bath – these small, non-invasive beauty treatments are definitely one of the things to do before the wedding day! I bet the last couple of months have been stressful and I bet you’re extremely nervous which means you’ll definitely have to relax in order to sleep like a baby and get plenty of rest before the bid day. Manicure and pedicure are a must before the W day but, if you have the time and the money, you can splurge a little bit more and spend a few hours in the spa, covered in mud, essential oils, chocolate or pretty much anything that is guaranteed to make your skin satiny soft and glowing!

You see? No need to stress or feel useless today! Not with so many necessary and, yet, interesting things to do before the wedding day! Any other things to do before the wedding you could think of? I think this pretty much covers it but, hey, I’m open for suggestions!

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