5 Ways to Find Ideas outside the Wedding Box ...


5 Ways to Find Ideas outside the Wedding Box ...
5 Ways to Find Ideas outside the Wedding Box ...

Sometimes to get those creative wedding juices **flowing we need to venture **outside the wedding box to things we may have never thought to look at. Let the creativity begin with these **5 inspiring ideas **that will help those **magic wedding details **come to life...

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Home is Where the Heart is...

Home is Where the Heart is... Photo: ProjectWedding.com/blog

How you decorate your home says a lot about who you are. From this inspiring Christmas photo I can image beautiful wedding colors, a wedding theme, how the guests should dress, a white crisp lounge **for cocktail hour and a teal sash around the **bride's waist! Look around at your home decor, can you find inspiration for the big day?


Food for Your Soul...

Food for Your Soul... Photo: StyleMePretty.com

Food can give us a warm feeling, especially around holidays like Thanksgiving. Think ofcomfort foods, your favorite snacks, or that favorite memory of cooking in the kitchen with your grandma; it just makes your soul tingle! What a wonderful favor food is for weddings, everyone loves food so you can be sure it won't end up in the trash.** Get creative**; create little jars like the one in the picture filled with pumpkin pie, instead of just cake provide a dessert bar, and if you really love food name each table **after all the things you love to eat! **What kind of food have you always wanted at your wedding?


Frequent Flyer Miles...

Frequent Flyer Miles... Photo: StyleMePretty.com

Many of us have dreams of traveling around the world, but some of us have had those dreams come true or soon hope to. Where have you traveled to, with or without your significant other? Find trinkets from your travels to include in your centerpieces, use a world map for a seating chart, and search for pretty postcards for your guestbook. Bring your guests to places they may have never been but can now experience at your wedding. Have you been around the world, share your** dream vacation **with us and your guests!


Likes, Loves, and Hobbies...

Likes, Loves, and Hobbies... Photo: GreenWeddingShoes.com

Who would have thought a knitting spool would look so adorable for a wedding place setting or in a mason jar for your centerpieces! Things we like, love and enjoy as hobbies can play a big part in our wedding details. You can scrapbook your guestbook, stack your favorite books for centerpieces, and have a groom's cake shaped like a football, game console, or even a guitar for the love of your life! Too many weddings become ideas of our friends and family who think they know what we want. Scatter your life through your big day and stay true to who you really are. What are the little pieces of your life that will be visible on your wedding day?


Lights, Camera, Action...

Lights, Camera, Action... Photo: WeddingChicks.com

Can you guess what movie these fun, inspiring photos are from? It's tea time for this bride and she doesn't want her guests to be late! I love the idea of tea and** little cakes for a day time wedding **cocktail hour. Let the movies inspire your wedding, bridal shower, or engagement shoot. You can either go crazy with the theme or stay classy with just a few hints here and there. I would have loved to dress up likeSandy and Danny from Grease for a movie inspired wedding! **What movie will inspire your big day? **

**Where have you looked for wedding inspiration? **

**Top Image: **WeddingChicks.com

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I love these ideas. Wish you were writing about all this stuff when I got married. Lol. I don't think we had anything personal in our wedding but these are really good ideas. Another good one!

Rebecca!!! What a wonderful comment to see!! Thank you so much for visiting AllWomenStalk Weddings! I loved your wedding, it was special and beautiful because of the two people who were married! <3 Love you and I'm so happy for you!

Great ideas. I have another idea to share. My husband and I just ordered a My Dreamlines wedding dress sketch and suit for our wedding. We will have the guests sign the mat around the sketch. I saw on another site that someone had a baseball bat that your guests can sign. I am going to do that for the wedding party and then it can go in our basement bar. Thanks for the great post.

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