5 Creative Ideas for an Easter Holiday Wedding ...


5 Creative Ideas for an Easter Holiday Wedding ...
5 Creative Ideas for an Easter Holiday Wedding ...

Yesterday over at one of my new favorite blogs, Express-O, my friend Diana posted the cutest little grass egg shell centerpieces. With that, one great idea always leads to another. That's when I thought of wedding ideas inspired by the colorful** Easter holiday**; full of eggs, bunnies, and colorful nests!

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Invitation Seals...

Invitation Seals... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/Whimsywhimsical

I just want to take this little love bunny home with me! Send these adorable** rabbit seals** out to your guests and they will be delighted to say yes to your Easter/Spring wedding celebration.


Blue Candy Nest...

Whether your wedding day is around the Easter holiday or in Spring, these lovely yarn nests candy bowls will be a wonderful sweets table decoration. To add a little fuzzy look to your nest, just as Martha did, use mohair yarnto get this fun look!


Paper Bunnies...

Paper Bunnies... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/BugandBoo

Peter Cottontail is hopping down the rabbit trail and wants to celebrate your wedding day with these cute bunny cupcake toppers! The little kids at your wedding will love these, and they will probably put a smile on all of the adults faces as well.


Cake Topper...

Cake Topper... Photo: Esty.com/shop/Kikuike

Our one year anniversary is at the end of this month and this post is actually the perfect celebration. Why you ask, because our anniversary falls on Easter! I would have loved to put this bride and groom rabbit cake topper on our wedding cake if it were this April 24th! How amazing are these little details like his tie and her rose bouquet!


Egg Shell Candles...

Egg Shell Candles... Photo: MarthaStewart

This Easter DIY craft takes the cake for most creative. These egg shell votives will bring Spring and Easter right into the centerpieces of your wedding tables. They can also double as favors your guests will love.

Does your wedding fall around Easter or any other decorative holiday?

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I've never thought of an Easter themed wedding before. Great idea! I love the invitation seals :)

Oh I love those shells, they look fresh, sweet and lovely! I love everything about eggshells ...and of course eggs in every style including Pavlova, the Kiwi national dessert!

These are fabulous tips! Those cake toppers look lovely! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

That blue candy nest is amazing!

what a great roundup! love the eggs!!!

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