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10 Wedding Etiquette Tips You Might Not Be Aware of ...

By Heather

Wedding Etiquette is not something that a whole lot of people truly pay attention to. Yeah, there are a lot of different variations of wedding etiquette out there but do you know who pays for what, who is supposed to throw what shower? After you read the list I have compiled below, I promise that you'll know all about the top 10 wedding etiquette rules that most people overlook!

1 Who Pays for What?

When I first saw this, I didn't realize that there was actually wedding etiquette for which family member pays for what. Did you know that the bride pays for the wedding ring for the groom along with the bridesmaid's gifts? I had no idea that the bride paid for anything – but I guess that is what I get for watching Bridezillas all the time and learning my wedding etiquette from them.

2 Tasks for the Mother of the Groom

You might not know, but there are specific responsibilities for each person in the family. Planning a wedding in hard and you can't do it yourself. The MOG or Mother of the Groom typically is the one that feels a little lost. Their little girl is not getting married and typically, they have very little to do with the planning. Did you know that the MOG is actually supposed to invite the bride's family over for dinner or at least write them a letter letting them know how happy she is about the engagement? I had no idea!


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3 Responsibilities of the Maid of Honor

Brides – the Maid of Honor is not your slave. Remember this please? Sure, she has a bunch of responsibilities, but she is not going to do every single thing for you. Bridezillas out there? Look up exactly what the Maid of Honor is supposed to do – it's not get you food or arrange for your car to get washed (I really saw that on an episode). She is supposed to make your life a little easier on your special day, but don't take advantage of the poor girl!

4 The save the Date Etiquette

I actually got in a huge fight with my mom over Save the Date cards. She thought that you never have to send them out and I said that you had to. She got married over 30 years ago, so times have definitely changed and nowadays, it's just proper etiquette to let people know what date to save. Typically, Save the Date cards can be mailed up to one year in advance!

5 Groom's Cake

Oh my goodness, every time I think about a groom's cake, the first movie that pops into my head is Steel Magnolias. That gray, armadillo red velvet groom's cake always cracks me right up, but do you know the proper etiquette for the groom's cake? It should be a smaller cake that the groom's mother bakes herself and it should be passed out at the reception. It's a tradition that most brides do not even think about but I love the idea!

6 The Big Kiss

You may think that you are pretty experienced with kissing your fiance, however what happens with the big kiss? You want to make sure that you keep it simple. While it's exciting that you just finally are married, you shouldn't have any tongue in your big kiss. For me, I think that you should kiss anyway you want, but the proper etiquette calls for a simple and quite peck of a kiss!

7 Wedding Invitation Etiquette

One of the biggest etiquette pieces that people forget about is the wedding invitation. What should it say on it? What should it look like? Who should pay for it? Well, it should actually include both parents, the bride's and the groom's and it is the responsibility of the groom's parents to provide the invitations. What the exact wording is on the invitations? Make it your own! You can bend the rules of etiquette a little bit.

8 How to Ask for Money as a Gift Properly

There is always the question of to ask or not to ask when it comes to money and wedding presents. The answer is not to ask specifically, however that does not mean that someone like your Maid of Honor or even the bride and groom's parents could not get the word out there. If you are looking for money for your wedding gifts, just tell them to spread the word, they will let everyone know!

9 The Proper Wedding Dance

Whenever you have a wedding, there is always going to be the first dance between the bride and groom. This is a great way to honor the couple. It should be to a song that both the bride and groom choose and it should reflect them as a couple. The dance should be kept to a simple waltz (unless your wedding is a little crazier) and there should be one spotlight. It truly is a great part of all wedding traditions.

10 Thank You Cards

Finally, after the wedding, you want to make sure that you are wedding a thank you card to everyone. Your guests paid a lot of money and took time out of their day to celebrate, so make sure that you thank them. Never, ever send a pre-printed thank you card though; instead, you want to be sure that you offer a warm and personalized thank you card. This means more to the guests!

Wedding etiquette is not that easy to get in the beginning. I know that before I wrote this post, I had no idea that you couldn't ask for money as wedding gift or that thank you cards couldn't be printed. These are just a few of the wedding etiquette tips that I think are important – what are some more that you have observed? Do you often see people skipping important wedding etiquette steps?

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