5 Boutonnieres for Your Groom to Proudly Wear ...


5 Boutonnieres for Your Groom to Proudly Wear ...
5 Boutonnieres for Your Groom to Proudly Wear ...

Just like the bride, grooms have many options when it comes to attire, accessories, and the complete look. Help your guy narrow his choices down when you show him these 5** **boutonnieres; there has to be one your groom will be sure to proudly wear...

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Proud as a Peacock...

Proud as a Peacock... Photo: GreenWeddingShoes.com

**A handsome green tie to match his handsome green and blue peacock feathers; he must be handsome too! I love boutonnieres that are offbeat and non-traditional like this lovely peacock feather bout. It's classy, fun, colorful and simple. Are you planning a peacock themed wedding? **


Sunshine on His Shoulder...

Sunshine on His Shoulder... **

Photo: HarveyDesignsEvents.wordpress.com

**Give him a boutonniere that is shining like the wonderful smile on his face like this beautiful sunflower bout. I love seeing sunflowers in wedding arrangements, especially mixed in with other colors. Sunflowers will bring your guests back to their childhood summers and put a smile on their faces too! **


Simple and Sweet...


Photo: TheOrangeBlossom.net

**Many grooms don't want too much going on with their wedding day attire. They're laid back guys who like to hang out in jeans and a t-shirt, so let's not make them go out of their comfort zone for your big day. I love the sweet and simplestyle of this orange calla lily and maybe your guy will too. Do you have simple wedding ideas your groom will love? **


Country Strong...

Country Strong... **

Photo: StyleMePretty.com

**This gorgeous wheat and yellow craspedias boutonniere reminds me of a rustic country weddingwith mason jar centerpiecesand a cowboy boot bride. Play Carrie Underwood, line dance at your reception and give your guests homemade sweet tea that will make grandma jealous! Are you planning a hometown country wedding? **


A Touch of Nature...

A Touch of Nature... **

Photo: Bonafidebride.blogspot.com

**Not only is this the perfect boutonniere for a fall or winter time wedding, but it's the perfect bout. for an outdoor, in the woods theme wedding. If you love this pinecone boutonniere shop now for great deals for your winter 2011-2012 wedding. I love the pairing of the rough pinecone with the soft, delicate white flower. **

**Will your groom help find the boutonniere he will proudly wear? **

Top Photo: StyleMePretty.com

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