5 Lovely Bridal Accessories in Hot Metallic Colors ...


5 Lovely Bridal Accessories in Hot Metallic Colors ...
5 Lovely Bridal Accessories in Hot Metallic Colors ...

Metallic colors have always been popular and right now for the winter season and New Year's Eve weddings **they are the perfect **bling to complete the twinkling lights and party atmosphere! So whether it's silver or gold your heart desires you'll find the bridal accessory you're looking for in one of these 5**** hot metallic choices....

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Searching for Gold...

Searching for Gold... Photo: Anthropologie.com

Price: $29.95

Pair this beautiful gold toned cuff bracelet with your lace gown for a match made in bridal heaven! This detailed Filigree cuff comes in silver as well for brides looking for both metallic colors. Your bridesmaids who love jewelry will love you forever after receiving such a wonderful gift. **Are you wearing metallic colors during your big day? **


Silver Snowflake...

Silver Snowflake... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/LittleWhiteDresser

Price: $62.00

As soon as I found this silver headband I thought of winter weddings and snowflakes falling on the bride as she walks down the aisle. Take a closer look at the headband and you'll see delicate vintage lace, silver glass beads, and silver crystals that in my eyes form a** bridal snowflake headband**. Wear this sweet snowflake in your hair as you drink hot apple cider and kiss your groom underneath the mistletoe! Will you wear a metallic bridal headpiece?


Golden Butterfly...

Golden Butterfly... Photo:JenniferElizabeth.com

Price: $40.00

Have you fallen in love with butterflies at a young age and always dreamed of a butterfly wedding, or maybe you just like butterfly accessories? Well I answered yes to both questions! We had butterfly details in our spring wedding last April and I'm always searching for the perfect butterfly jewelry pieces. Shine on your wedding day with this bright golden** butterfly hair comb**; because butterflies aren't just for little girls! **Are you a butterfly bride? **


Gold Hippie Chick...

Gold Hippie Chick... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/LoveBerman

Price: $148.00

Is it just me or do we all love this soft hippie headband look? It creates a beautiful bridal look**without even trying. No need to over do it with hairspray and bobby pins. Wash, brush, place this gorgeous **gold Swarovski crystal headband like so and **walk down the aisle in metallic style! **


Something Blue & Silver...

Something Blue & Silver... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/InStyleBoutique

Price: $33.50

Brides want their look to be complete from head to toe and every bride's dress has the** perfect accessories** to match. For your something blueto complete yourv-neck wedding gown look choose this feminine dropped silver orchid necklace with an Aquamarine crystal. Perhaps something silver or gold will complete your bridal ensemble!

**Do you any metallic colors for your wedding day accessories? **

**** Top Image:StyleMePretty.com

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