Giveaway Winner the Lucky Elephant Bridal Bracelet ...

By Diana

Giveaway Winner the Lucky Elephant Bridal Bracelet ...

Wow we had such a wonderful response to The Lucky Elephant giveaway last week! I want to thank Jutta from The Lucky Elephantfor this wonderful **giveway **and thank you to all the readers who stopped by. I wish we could give each of you a lucky bracelet, but we can only pick one winner. So who won....
And the Winner is...
Congratulations to **Hilljo **from Daisy to Sunflower!! I am so happy for this beautiful bride whose wedding is coming up next month!!! This is going to be a wonderful accessory for her on her wedding day! Again, thank you to everyone for entering the giveaway, please come back to read our posts and for more giveaways! Have a great week!

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Congratulations to the winner! :)

Thank you both so so much!!! I am feeling very blessed today despite my emotional month-before-the-wedding time. This really made my day and it is so special to me that my Bazubandh has such a special meaning and acquisition behind it. Namaste and Love to you all.

Congrats to the lovely winner! Hugs and kisses




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