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5 Cool Ring Shots for Every Season ...

By Diana

Thanks to thephotographyand wedding blogs no one takes a photo of their wedding rings on their hand any more! Now with our photographers we find cool ways to display our rings and** create a moment** we'll never forget. For your ring shot inspiration read on to see these** 5 cool ring shots for every season**...

5 Holiday Celebration...

Holiday Celebration... Photo: NicheWhite

Christmasand the holiday season may have passed but there are newly engaged couples out there planning a** 2011 Christmas wedding**! Even if you're having a summer or fall wedding, this clever and** stunning ring shot** makes for a greatnewlywed Christmas card!

4 Spring Grapes...

Spring Grapes... Photo: MDavidMedia

Whether you're walking down the vineyard aisle, a wine loving couple, or planning a purple wedding, this is an amazing** ring shot** for your** Spring Wedding. I love the way the sunlight hits the **rings and shines through the vineyard. Will there be grapes and wine on your wedding day?

3 Summertime Crabs...

Summertime Crabs... Photo: GabrielBoone

It's summer time and the crabs are cooking, or they are taking part in the best ring shot ever! Who would have thought to put a crab with their wedding rings? The photographerdid an incredible job and thought outside the boxfor this one! This is my** favorite shot** for a Summer Wedding!

2 Fall into Love...

Fall into Love... Photo:EverOurs

Simple, Delicate, and Rustic. I love that this ring shot speaks for your fall wedding in just one simple photo. This is a great idea for a rustic, outdoor wedding as well. Play in the leaves, walk down the aisle in yourcowgirl boots, and say 'I Do'. Are you planning a rustic fall wedding?

1 Love for All Seasons...

Love for All Seasons... Photo:JeanTsai

How do you** spell love**? From your heart andsealed with a kiss! How many points does the photographerget for being creative! This** ring shot** is another favorite of mine and now you can recreate this idea for your wedding! A romantic photo that will** never go out of style**.

**Do you have any cool ideas for your wedding ring shot? **

**Top Photo: **

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