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6 Ways to Go Bright Bold with Bridal Jewelry ...

By Diana

Some brides are traditional and like to wear jewerly that blends in with their wedding gowns; they don't want pieces that are going to stand out and make a louder statement then their dresses. However, there are also brides who like to go bright **and **bold **with their **bridal jewelry. Whether it's because they are offbeat, quirky, or just like to wear colorful accessories, it's who they are and on their **wedding day **it should be no different. If you're that colorful lady then these 6 **necklaces **might grab your attention and that of all your guests!

6 Something Blue...

Something Blue... Price: $65.00 @

If you're looking for your **something blue **to be something bold as well this gorgeous **glass bead necklace **is the perfect accessory. I love how it ties in the back with blue satin ribbon. A necklace like this one would also look great on your bridesmaids.

5 Garden Bride...

Garden Bride... Price: $32.00 @

As you walk through the **garden **in your flowy lace gown carrying your bouquet of white peonies and green orchids, this **olive green rose necklace **will catch everyone's eye when they think, "What a perfect match to her bouquet!". Little hints of your **wedding colors **throughout your bridal jewelry is a great way to pull your theme together.

4 Beach Bride...

Beach Bride... Price: $85.00 @

Speaking of theme, wouldn't this be a lovely statement piece for a beach bride! I love the striking colors and design inside the glass starfish; stunning colors that would look amazing against the colors of the sand and sea. I wonder if my beach bride sister will wear a necklace like this?

3 Cute as a Button...

Cute as a Button... Price: $38.00 @

This adorable **button necklace **would look great with yourDIY button bouquetthat you put together yourself! I can also see the flower girl wearing a cute necklace like this one while carrying her basket that is also covered in buttons.

2 Bright & Bold...

Bright & Bold... Price: $32.00 @

I love the contrasting colors of this beautiful,** bold necklace**. I can see a bride who is planning a blue and red wedding wearing a **bright floral necklace **like this one. The flower just grabs your attention and shouldn't everything about a bride grab you!

1 Pretty in Pink & Yellow...

Pretty in Pink & Yellow... Price: $38.00 @ Anthropologie

The sweet pale tones of this pretty** beaded necklace **are lovely for a Spring or Summer bride who is wearing a yellow flower in her hair and carrying pink roses down the aisle. Doesn't this just remind you of the beautiful colors in peach or strawberry sorbet!

Have you found a bright and bold necklace to wear on your wedding day?

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