6 Ways to Go Bright & Bold with Bridal Jewelry ...

Some brides are traditional and like to wear jewerly that blends in with their wedding gowns; they don't want pieces that are going to stand out and make a louder statement then their dresses. However, there are also brides who like to go bright **and **bold **with their **bridal jewelry. Whether it's because they are offbeat, quirky, or just like to wear colorful accessories, it's who they are and on their **wedding day **it should be no different. If you're that colorful lady then these 6 **necklaces **might grab your attention and that of all your guests!

6. Something Blue...

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Price: $65.00 @ Etsy.com/shop/Kirevi8

If you're looking for your **something blue **to be something bold as well this gorgeous **glass bead necklace **is the perfect accessory. I love how it ties in the back with blue satin ribbon. A necklace like this one would also look great on your bridesmaids.

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