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4 Lasting Bridal Makeup Trends amp Tips ...

By Diana

Bridal makeup trends come and go, remember the 80s big hair and lots of blue eyeshadow! However, these 4 wedding day makeup trends have stayed solid through the years and have gone find your makeup bag ladies, its time for an update!

4 Smokey Eyed Bride...

Smokey Eyed Bride... Photo:

For the dramatic bride who wants to make a statement go all out with the smokey eye and black birdcage veil like this gorgeous bride-to-be. Always remember to start with a waterproof eyeshadowbefore layering on the look that you're trying to achieve. Finish off the** edgy bridal trend** with waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Did you wear a dramatic look for your wedding day?

3. Exotic Features...
Smokey Eyed Bride... Photos:

Brides with exotic features should play around with color and not go too dark with the lip or eye makeup. The beautiful bride in this photo has a gorgeous lip gloss on in a nice shade of dark pink and her eye makeup contrast well with her rich skin tone. She has a natural glow and shouldn't use too much foundation. **What makeup tips do you have as a bride with exotic features? **

2 Natural Beauty...

Natural Beauty... Photo:

If you're a bride who doesn't wear much makeup **on a daily basis you shouldn't go heavy on your **wedding day. Look natural and stay true to your look. Apply light shades of pink, peach,or gold to your eyes and lips. For a finished glowing look try primers or foundations that add a littleshimmer to your complexion. **What makeup did you wear for your true beauty look? **

1 Retro Red Lip...

Retro Red Lip... Photo:

Classic, Retro, Timeless. Beautiful red lips with a simple, light eyeshadow marks the look of a classy bride who dares to wear a stunning mermaid gown. Try Ulta's Ruby lip color for a bold retro lookthat will leave your guests speechless! I've always loved the retro bridal trend, but thought I could never pull it off. Were you a knock out red lip bride on your big day?

What makeup trends did you wear for your wedding day?

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