8 Unbelievably Awesome Bridal Makeup Video Tutorials ...


8 Unbelievably Awesome Bridal Makeup Video Tutorials ...
8 Unbelievably Awesome Bridal Makeup Video Tutorials ...

Don’t you just love Bridal Makeup Tutorials? I really do! I mean, what’s there not to like? It’s great when you know that you can try a certain look out before the wedding and you don’t even have to pay a cent for it! Yes, watching a lot of bridal makeup tutorials won’t only help you make up your mind on the look that’s perfect for your wedding, but allow you to practice your brush strokes and maybe even save a significant amount of money by doing your bridal look without the help of a pro! So, check out these fabulous bridal makeup tutorials I’ve found on YouTube and tell me what you think.

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Modern Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Oh, this is one of my favorite bridal makeup tutorials! Pale pink and this light smoky lilac are absolutely perfect for a wedding day and you can always rely on MAC Fluidline to give you that flawless definition! If you have a gorgeous set of huge dark eyes such as this gorgeous lady on the video, I’d definitely suggest giving this look a shot.


Royal Bride Makeup Tutorial

If you loved Kate Middleton’s bridal makeup, you’ll certainly love this video as well as it is about to teach you how to re-create it all by yourself! Now, this one might be longer than the usual bridal makeup tutorials but it’s certainly worth watching as it focuses on the whole look rather than just the eyes or lips. This talented makeup artist and this gorgeous model have joined forces to show you how to achieve flawless bridal skin, Kate’s subtle smoky eyes and neutral, shiny lips.


Indian Bridal Makeup

Dramatic eyes, dramatic brows, dramatic lips – Indian traditional bridal makeup is soooo sexy and so full of life! And the girl… well, saying that she’s a beauty would be an understatement! Now, the look might seem a bit complicated because there are plenty of things to do but it’s certainly something every makeup fanatic would find very useful! I’ll definitely try it as soon as I get fake eyelashes! It’s absolutely divine! Makeup pros always say that strong eyes don’t look well with bold colored lips but this just proves them wrong!


Pin-up Bridal Makeup Look

If your wedding gown is vintage or vintage inspired and you’re planning to introduce some vintage details to your wedding, you should definitely do pin up makeup! You know I absolutely love pin-up and I’m really happy to show you this classic, glamorous, sexy style as one of my bridal makeup tutorials! This is exactly what I’ve been talking about – that’s the makeup look I’m going to have and, if you like it too, pay close attention, learn how to do it and give it a little test run before the big day.


Classic Bridal Makeup

Pro makeup artists don’t come cheap and once you say the magical word (why, “wedding”, of course) the price instantly goes up at least 30%! Now, if investing in a lot of new makeup and doing your own look sounds like a better deal, do check out these two bridal makeup tutorials! It’s actually one, very detail oriented tutorial that had to be broken in two parts and it will teach you how to achieve perfect, natural-looking skin, hide all flaws in a very unobvious way and pull of a classic bridal makeup look.


Kim Kardashian Wedding Makeup Tutorial

Oh-la-la! I think Kim’s wedding makeup look was absolutely glamorous and I can’t believe this lady has managed to re-create it so perfectly! Absolutely brilliant! I’m not a huge fan of all those powders, foundations, blushes, bronzers and concealers but… you know… when it comes to bridal looks these products are absolutely necessary! And, as you can see, all that shading and layering and shading and layering looks so perfectly subtle and natural!


Vintage Bridal Makeup

Next on my list of awesome bridal makeup tutorials is this fabulous presentation about one classic, well-known vintage look! It’s not as sexy as pin-up but it’s definitely glamorous and romantic as, as such, ideal for just any wedding! The flower is a really nice touch and, I really think this look would be the best one for a romantic garden wedding. What do you think?


Arab Makeup Tutorial

Yes, it does really make the brown eyes pop! I’ve already given you one colorful idea, I’ve also included a couple of really low key, classic and glamorous bridal looks so I’ve decided to wrap things up by posting another of these wonderful bridal makeup tutorials! The eye makeup is simply gorgeous and it would be ideal for a glamorous beach wedding!

Aren’t these bridal makeup tutorials just great? It’s amazing how many great ideas a bride could get by just watching them! Do you like to watch bridal makeup tutorials, ladies?

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