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7 Tips on Finding a Great Makeup Artist for Your Wedding ...

By Aprille

You have everything planned out; the cake, decorations, flowers, venue location, food, and all the dresses. But, now you need to add the finishing touches to yourself and locate a reliable makeup artist. Here are 7 tips on finding a great makeup artist for your wedding.

7 Check Advertisements

This is an easy way to locate a variety of makeup artists, but then it will be up to you to determine which one you want to use for your wedding. I find that makeup artists who advertise in multiple places tend to be doing very well, which usually means they have lots of business. If a makeup artist is always busy, then he/she must be doing something right!

6 Visit with Some of Your Choices in Makeup Artists

Having a makeup artist who does a great job, but isn't all that personable isn't going to make you feel very at ease. It might be helpful to chat with the makeup artists before booking him/her for your wedding, just so you can get a feel for his/her personality.


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5 Ask Your Hairstylist for Some References

Chances are, you aren't the first bride-to-be who has been in need of a makeup artist. If you trust your hairstylist, then you should be able to rely on his/her suggestion for a great makeup artist as well.

4 Talk to a Recent Bride Whom You've Seen

If you've recently attended a wedding and really liked the bride's makeup, then it wouldn't hurt to ask who her makeup artist was. Maybe you'll find out that it was one you've heard of and were considering for your own wedding. This is always a bonus!

3 Ask to See Photographs of Brides a Couple of Makeup Artists Have Applied Makeup to

Most makeup artists document their work with photographs, so they should have plenty of pictures of the brides, bride's maids, and other wedding party members who had their makeup done by the artist you are considering. If he/she doesn't have any proof of his/her artistic ability with makeup, then you might want to start with another makeup artist first.

2 Listen to the Local Gossip

Not all gossip is good, but you can sometimes get some excellent information by sitting quietly and listening. Maybe you will overhear something about a good makeup artist while getting your nails or hair done.

1 Ask Friends Who Have Recently Been Married

Getting a first-hand account as to how excellent or terrible a makeup artist was at your friend's wedding is probably the best way to find a good one for your own wedding. Hopefully you can get 2 or 3 ideas of who a great makeup artist is by using this method and choose between them for yourself.

Out of these 7 tips on finding a great makeup artist for your wedding, which one do you think is the most helpful to you? Feel free to offer any additional suggestions on how to go about this process if you've recently had to do this on your own.

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