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17 Romantic Ideas for a Valentines Day Wedding ...

By Diana

Celebrate next Valentine's Day with a heart filled wedding as cupid connects two people in love on one of the most romantic days of the year. These 17 romantic ideas for your Valentine's Day Wedding are just what the love doctor ordered!

Table of contents:

  1. Red and white all over
  2. Send them some love
  3. Something red
  4. Beautiful blossoms
  5. Put some love in the mix
  6. Scattered flower petals
  7. A fitting cake
  8. Heart balloons
  9. Ice sculptures
  10. Scented candles
  11. Red dresses
  12. Appropriate appetizers
  13. Adorable accessories
  14. Wedding favors
  15. The right centerpieces
  16. Order around the band
  17. What's underneath

1 Red and White All over

Fill your Valentine's Day wedding with fun red details right from your red painted manicured nails down to the delicious red velvet cupcakes at your dessert bar. I love the little hearts on top of each cupcake, they remind me of the Valentine's Day sweethearts candy! Are you planning a heart themed wedding?

2 Send Them Some Love

Your wedding invitations should set the mood and theme of your big day. These heart cut out invitations are the perfect way to tell your guests about your Valentine's Day Wedding. I love the paper heart tied with red ribbon to each invitation; a great detail to use for your favor tags. Is there a matching theme to your wedding invitations?

3 Something Red

Maybe you don't want to go crazy with red details for your Valentine's Day wedding. You're a traditional couple who has a bit of spicy flair up your wedding sleeves. Spice up that classy Valentine's Day wedding with a pair of red hot heels peeping from under your gown as your groom dons a sexy red tie and charming red vest. Are you wearing colored heels on your big day?

4 Beautiful Blossoms

Red flowers are romantic and red roses have always been a symbol of love. For your Valentine's Day wedding, fill your ceremony and reception with romantic bouquets like this stunning eye catcher made of black magic roses, gardenia, dahlias and burgundy calla lilies. I love the pop of color against the bride's white gown. Are there red flowers in your bouquet?

5 Put Some Love in the Mix

The name of this adorable favor will put the cuteness factor for your Valentine's Day wedding right over the top. That is unless you have a little puppy walking you down the aisle! As they whip up their love muffins at home your guests will remember your romantic wedding that was just too cute for words!

6 Scattered Flower Petals

Red, pink, and white flower petals will capture the essence of Valentine's Day. When you walk down the aisle, you should step over a trail of flower petals instead of a rug. You could even sprinkle the tables at the reception with petals.

7 A Fitting Cake

Instead of having a traditional, tiered wedding cake, buy one in the shape of a heart. If you'd rather stick to tradition, at least have the cake's icing be red and pink. That way, it'll still look lovey dovey.

8 Heart Balloons

If you don't find balloons childish, you can get a bunch of heart-shaped ones and tie them to chairs at the reception. If you've invited kids, then they'll love to have those balloons to play with. It'll keep them occupied.

9 Ice Sculptures

Get a Valentine's Day themed ice sculpture to add some flare to your wedding! It can be an elaborate one in the shape of cupid, or a simple one of a heart. Either way, your guests will be snapping photos.

10 Scented Candles

What's more romantic than candles? Place some red ones all around the building to give it a romantic atmosphere. If you're worried about it being a fire hazard, then you can just buy tea candles and gift them to your guests as gifts to take home.

11 Red Dresses

You probably want to stick to the traditional white wedding gown. However, your bridesmaids can wear red or pink to keep with the Valentine's Day theme. Look out for dresses with necklines that look like hearts!

12 Appropriate Appetizers

If you're really picky, you can even make sure that the appetizers you lay out fit the theme. You can stick to red foods, like strawberries and cherries. Of course, you should make sure the tablecloths fit the theme as well.

13 Adorable Accessories

You'll be wearing a white dress, but that doesn't mean that your accessories can't stand out. If you put your hair up, buy a heart-shaped pin. If your heels are visible, buy red pumps. Get creative!

14 Wedding Favors

There are plenty of adorable wedding favors for you to pick from. You can give your guests soap in the shape of hearts, red and pink M&Ms, or little red flowers. It's all up to you, so make sure you pick something memorable.

15 The Right Centerpieces

The right centerpiece will draw attention right toward it. That's why you need to pick something gorgeous, like a vase of roses or delicious candles. Remember, the more romantic, the better.

16 Order around the Band

Make sure that the band or DJ plays appropriate music. If you want the whole evening to feel romantic, don't allow them to play The Chicken Dance, no matter how many people are requesting it.

17 What's underneath

Only the groom will see your underwear, but that doesn't mean it's not an important part of your wardrobe. Make sure to buy something red and sexy, so that he'll be extra thankful he married you.

Are you planning a Romantic Red Wedding?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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