21 Rustic Wedding Centerpiece Ideas ...


21 Rustic Wedding Centerpiece Ideas ...
21 Rustic Wedding Centerpiece Ideas ...

Rustic Weddings are trending more than ever and rustic wedding centerpieces help the theme flow right from the ceremony to the reception. You normally don't think wedding when you see jars, terrariums, branches, and birdcages, but dress them up, drop in some flowers and you have yourself one creative centerpiece. Whether on a budget, following the trend, or just looking for DIY decor ideas take a look at these 21 rustic wedding centerpiece ideas and you may be surprised...
Creative Rustic Wedding Centerpieces...

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Rustic Pretty Little Jars

Rustic Pretty Little Jars A simple idea with a beautiful result. Shop at your local thrift, hardware, and fabric stores for this easy DIY rustic centerpiece that will complement your creative skills as well as your wedding theme. Mix it up with tea lights, a few floral stems or unique pieces like buttons, candy, or fruit. Have you found any pretty little jars for your centerpieces?


Rustic Window Box

Rustic Window Box I would have never thought to put together a window box for a centerpiece, but now I can't stop thinking about how many unique arrangements you can make with it. The mixture of flowers and succulents brings a soft touch to this rustic centerpiece that would work for an indoor or outdoor reception.



Rustic window boxes are a unique and versatile option for wedding centerpieces. They can be filled with a variety of flowers and succulents to create a soft and natural look. These centerpieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor receptions, making them a great choice for any type of wedding. In addition, window boxes can be easily customized to fit the theme and colors of the wedding. They also add a charming touch to the overall decor and can be repurposed as home decor after the wedding. Overall, rustic window boxes are a beautiful and budget-friendly choice for wedding centerpieces.


Rustic Terrarium

Rustic Terrarium A little sand, a little dirt, a handful of rocks and succulents in a fish bowl and you have yourself a terrarium and a rustic centerpiece! The great thing about DIY centerpieces is that you have the option of sharing them with your guests as wedding favors and with favors like a plant you won't have to worry that they will just toss it aside!


Rustic Bell Jar

Rustic Bell Jar Don't just use any old jar for your rustic centerpieces, use a bell jar that can be filled with anything from flowers and plants to old books and papers. To give them more of a rustic feel set your book filled bell jars on a bark platform to tie in that outdoor, country feel.


Rustic & Vintage Water Pitcher

Rustic & Vintage Water Pitcher Water pitchers might be easy to find but it may not be so easy to find the perfect ones you're looking to use for your rustic centerpieces. This is where DIY craft skills might come in handy! Buy a simple glass pitcher and make your own "pewter", "mercury" or even "gold" rustic centerpiece with silver or gold leaf paper or with another DIY method using metallic acrylic paints and "looking glass" mirror-like spray paint! Surprise yourself and your guests with this rustic chic project!


Rustic Water Pail Centerpiece

Rustic Water Pail Centerpiece Rustic ideas can be creative, chic, elegant, simple, or just about anything you want them to be. Think about the atmosphere of your venue and plan your rustic centerpiece with details that complement. I love how this rustic water pail is being used as a centerpiece and as a table number for a barnyard wedding shoot. The pail is perfect for a barn wedding but can also work for a backyard, park, or even a rustic mansion over looking the water.


Rustic Elegance

Rustic Elegance If your venue is a city loft or a fancy hotel ballroom you can still play around with the idea of a rustic centerpiece, just give it an elegant twist and you'll be the bride and groom who brought the outdoors and countryside to the big city! Instead of a rustic water pail place your floral branches in an elegant vase and place them at every other table so the branches don't take over the beauty of the venue.


Rustic Branch Centerpiece

Rustic Branch Centerpiece Perhaps you have a more "outside of the box" thinking and really want your rustic centerpiece to be true to the rustic theme you are planning. So forget the water pail and the elegant vase, twist those branches together to form a table long piece that will bring your guests imaginations to the outdoors and countryside that you love.


Rustic Winter Pine Cones

Rustic Winter Pine Cones Pine cones are another outdoor element that can bring your rustic centerpiece to life especially for a fall or winter rustic wedding. With a little fake snow and a beautiful silver mirror you can turn a simple vase of pine cones into an elegant winter centerpiece or place them with small white pumpkins for your fall wedding.


Rustic Floral Bird's Nest

Rustic Floral Bird's Nest Who said a rustic centerpiece couldn't be adorable! There are so many ways you can dress up this wonderful bird's nest centerpiece. You can soften the rustic look with flowers like the one in the photo, place little birds that match your color scheme, or fill the nest with stones and succulents to give it a more natural touch. The creative ideas are endless!


Rustic Bark Vase

Rustic Bark Vase Would you believe that this is not a hollowed out log, it is a vase wrapped in bark! You can easily find these on Etsy or you could also learn how to make them yourself for a great DIY wedding project. If you are a rustic couplewho grew up in the countryside let your guests see your personality shine in details like this rustic centerpiece.


Rustic Birch Logs

Rustic Birch Logs For long tables actual hollowed logs are a great way to compliment your rustic theme as well as the setting. I love the romantic look of this rustic centerpiece and how a bouquet of hydrangeas and white roses can bring out the beauty in a tree log. You can turn any outdoor space into an elegant rustic wedding with the right touches and a few candles!


Adding rustic birch logs to your wedding décor is not only trendy but also brings a touch of nature's elegance to your special day. Imagine the ambient glow as soft candlelight flickers across the wood's natural texture, creating a serene atmosphere for you and your guests. Complement these wooden elements with lush greenery or wildflowers for a truly whimsical forest feel. Your wedding will transform into an enchanting woodland retreat, making your event memorably unique and heartwarmingly intimate.


Rustic Birdcages

Rustic Birdcages Birdcages are just like the bird's nests we talked about, a creative and unique rustic centerpiece that can be filled with anything! If you really want to go all out with the rustic feel of your birdcage fill it with moss, twigs, little birds, or even an owl! You could also keep it simple like the idea in the photo with just a few candles and still have the rustic touch you are going for.


Rustic Chic Lanterns

Rustic Chic Lanterns What I love about most of these ideas is that your rustic centerpiece can be used again after your wedding, like these charming lanterns. A lantern is another great piece that can have many looks with just a few different details. The silver lantern has a more elegant rustic feel surrounded by white flowers and filled with a tall white candle while the black lantern has a more outdoor rustic feel surrounded by succulents and stones and filled with a small orange candle. It's all in the details and how you use them.


Rustic Woodland Candles

Rustic Woodland Candles The bride who made this gorgeous rustic centerpiece was on a budget and turned a few simple pieces into something that would help set the tone for her rustic wedding reception. You don't have to go over the top, search high and low, or stress yourself out when it comes to any of your wedding details. Have fun, go simple and it will all come together naturally.


Rustic Apple Centerpiece

Rustic Apple Centerpiece If you are planning a budget friendly wedding using rustic centerpieces are a great way to make a big statement while saving money for other items like your gown or photographer. This lovely twig basket filled with green apples looks simple yet creative. Sometimes it's the little things that will get your guests to say, "Wow look at that!" or "Wow how clever!".


A Rustic DIY Garden

A Rustic DIY Garden Are you planning a garden wedding or looking to dress up your tin can centerpieces? Look for cans around your home, take the food labels off and follow these steps to a beautiful moss centerpiece. I love the idea of having natural elements for your indoor wedding. Do you have any DIY decor ideas for your garden themed wedding?


Mix It up Rustic Style

Mix It up Rustic Style Not sure which unique centerpiece to use for your rustic, vintage wedding day? Mix things up with all three ideas of using bottles, tin cans, and jars and the table will speak for itself. How gorgeous is the rustic brown bottle with the single coral rose stem; less is more. Does this wedding decor speak to you?


Incorporating a variety of containers can create an eclectic and charming aesthetic for your tablescape. For a cohesive look, choose bottles, cans, and jars of different shapes and sizes but in similar hues or textures. Imagine the quaint charm of mason jars filled with wildflowers, paired alongside weathered tin cans holding sprigs of lavender. The simple elegance of these combinations can showcase the natural beauty of your florals, while the mixed materials embody the spirit of a romantic, rustic celebration. Be inspired to let your creativity flow and your love for vintage flair shine through with each hand-selected piece.


Number Your RusticTables

Number Your RusticTables Looking for table numbers that won't fall down or blow away for your outdoor wedding? Fill your jars with sand, dress up the lids, paint on your table numberson and as fast as that you have fun, unique table numbers and favors for your guests! I love the idea of tying on the fabric with twine, making them look like jam jars.


Classic and Rustic Simplicity

Classic and Rustic Simplicity If you're planning a simple yet classy day time weddingthere is no need to get fancy with your jars. Grow your favorite flowers or visit the local farmer's market, fill your mason jars with water and you have instant, beautiful centerpieces. How much do you love the matching table names? Two great floral ideas for your wedding reception.


Bottles Wrapped in Twine

Bottles Wrapped in Twine This rustic wedding centerpiece is one of my favorites that is trending right now, but will never go out of style. It's an easy DIY to put together too. Add color by dipping the twine in food coloring or paint so they match your wedding theme, or add cute accessories like buttons or flowers for extra charm.

No matter your budget, your venue, or where you are from, a rustic wedding and a rustic centerpiece can be any creative idea you want it to be. Whether it's a tall water pail of branches and flowers or a birdcage filled with moss and succulents, let your rustic centerpiece speak for you and what you like. I hope these ideas are helpful for your rustic wedding plans and that you come back to share with us what creative rustic centerpieces you have DIY!

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Love the water pitchers! Such a neat idea!

have a daughter getting marries on good friday and wants to use jam jars as centre pieces and need some ideas she is using lavender and lilac and the bridesmaid dresses are a plum color have you anymore ideas or were i would go to look as there is not alot of money in the kitty thanks

love the water pitcher with peonies !!!

So very inspiring for rustic wedding invitations design. Love your blog! <3 I just found you on Pinterest. xo

Aww! I love the bell jars and watering can! So unique! We used little mason jars and my MIL handpainted them all with sunflowers. I loved them.

How pretty, My favorite by far is the lilac and naming the table lilac. What pretty fun!

Im totally smitten with that window box. Its so beautiful:) Happy Thursday, sunshine.

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